Shelly Sterk experiences I Departure-like practices in Spain

The presenter shares a photo of her and her son Jake in the pool. They can finally recover from the renovation. ‘Despite a super sweet Dutch contractor, you still have a lot to do with the Spanish culture. And I can’t get used to that,’ she sighs. ‘Growing in Spain is not easy, guys.’ Shelly … Read more

The court does not change the CRPC’s decision to punish Memory Water for unfair commercial practices

The Administrative District Court has rejected the claim of SIA “Memory Water” to annul the decision of the Consumer Rights Protection Center (CRPC) regarding its punishment in connection with unfair commercial practices and to compensate, in the company’s opinion, the material damage caused to it in the amount of 250,000 euros. As the CRPC representative … Read more

Triggering the Destruction of 7 Churches, Finding 1,000 Children’s Graves Considered Evidence of Cruel Practices Against Canadian Natives, Tortured Just for Using Mother Language

Toronto Star Church burned in Canada. – Until it triggers destruction 7 church, the discovery of 1,000 child graves is considered as evidence practice cruel to indigenous Canada. Incident destruction even burning church of Canada This comes amid reports of more than 1,000 graves. Unmarked graves of children Indigenous found in used school residence, … Read more

OFINANCE dissects the governance practices of companies making public offerings

– OFINANCE produced a 1st edition of the annual overview of governance practices of issuers making public offerings; -The study focuses on the governance practices of issuers based on the 2020 annual financial reports, in particular the “environment, social and governance” ESG reports as provided for by AMMC circular 03/19. In June 2021, OFINANCE carried … Read more

Do you lose your concentration easily? We tell you one of the most effective practices to beat distractions

The Pomodoro method is a very common practice to maintain concentration when studying or working. Ticmas it is an educational experience that responds to the new paradigm of teaching and learning. For more content, go to the page of Ticmas or to your channel Youtube. READ MORE What is the Pomodoro Technique How to make … Read more

As a lawyer, he lent himself to the mafia and is suspected of having mastered its practices. Martin Ribár will not return to custody – Denník N

He wasn’t just a mafia lawyer. Martin Ribár is suspected of becoming a member. “He acted and behaved like one of them,” one of the witnesses described his activities. Ribár is accused of becoming part of a criminal gang of such people, for whom he blackmailed witnesses to change their statements. He has been in … Read more

Episiotomies, caesareans, epidurals … a map of practices in Ile-de-France, hospital by hospital, to choose the right maternity ward

Number of vaginal deliveries, cesarean sections, episiotomies … In a interactive map, the regional health agency (ARS) of Ile-de-France lists the figures for the various “obstetrical practices” of the 78 maternity hospitals in the region. Çay is, it’s official, you are pregnant ! After the congratulations of family and friends, you are faced with a … Read more

Ali Baba: Jack Ma “is not hidden” and practices a hobby of drawing away from the limelight

16 June 2021 photo released, Barcroft Media comment on the photo, Jack Ma appeared last January for the first time in about three months after news of his disappearance An executive of the famous Chinese company, Alibaba, confirmed that the founder of the company, Jack Ma, the famous Chinese entrepreneur, “avoids the spotlight and appearance,” … Read more

Students from the Health area see practical training as necessary

Jessica Marquez Guanajuato / 27.08.2020 08:03:23 Classes have returned, but the situation for some students has been very complicated, since virtual classes are not the same and practices are very necessary to reinforce knowledge in their area: only at the University of Guanajuato is the demand to enter to the Faculty of Medicine this year … Read more