They repudiate that Rodríguez Lastra practices medicine: “Neither in our province, nor anywhere” – News

On February 11 last, the Minister of Health of Entre Ríos signed Resolution No. 416 that authorizes gynecologist Leandro Rodríguez Lastra to practice his profession in the provincial territory. That decision of the official was notified to the interested party, this Tuesday. And in the early hours of this Wednesday sectors that oppose the Pro … Read more

Medicine students of the UNLP mobilize for the implementation of the practices in the Faculty

At 10 Students from the careers of Obstetrics, Medicine, Nutrition, Nursing and Cardiological Practices will mobilize this Tuesday at 10 in the morning to request that the practices of some subjects of the study plans be enabled. The convocation is at 1 and 60 and they will march to the door of the rectory. For: … Read more

Marketing: Best Practices Applicable to Referral Marketing

Get the latest industry news delivered to your inbox: Subscribe ✉ 🔊 Play The Review 42 firm reveals an interesting fact that can highlight why it is a good idea for your brand or company to start a referral program. This data indicates that up to 92 percent of consumers trust the recommendations of people … Read more

Sex and COVID-19: Practices to Avoid During Sexual Encounters in a Pandemic

As countries leave the long weeks of quarantine mandatory, some governments have begun to provide guidelines for good sexual health. These measures are implemented so that people can enjoy their sexuality without being infected with the new coronavirus. “Can I get coronavirus if I have sex? Are there sexual practices with a risk of infection?” … Read more

“Aggressive marketing and deceptive practices”: this is the dark side of TikTok denounced by the OCU

While TikTok continues to grow, fervently advancing among the younger audience, until it becomes one of the most downloaded apps both on iOS and Android, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has wanted put the spotlight on some irregularities that Spain does not comply and put their users in serious danger. Practices that it … Read more

Jennifer Gates, Bill’s daughter, studies medicine and receives the vaccine for her future practices

MEXICO CITY.- The vaccination strategy advances throughout the world, this by prioritizing vulnerable groups and medical personnel who face the highest risk of contagion covid-19. Perhaps many of us imagine that power is a determining factor in gaining access to the vaccine. However, it is not this way. This is Jennifer Gates, daughter of Microsoft … Read more

Coping With Anxiety, Jehovah’s Witnesses Provide Practical Tools

February 15, 2021 – 09:51 pm 2021-02-15 For: Newsroom of El País The pandemic has managed to affect not only the physical health of the population, but also mental health has been impacted throughout the world. Given this, to counteract the anxiety generated by the multiple consequences of Covid-19, through the official website of Jehovah’s … Read more

For men … practices that you won’t believe have an impact on sperm health

Follow-up – Ramah Ismail: On a daily basis, men practice unhealthy practices that affect sperm and fertility. Some of these practices may be unexpected. It must also be reduced and avoided permanently. Among these practices: Smoking greatly affects sperm production in men. This weakens the chances of conceiving, so it is advised to quit it … Read more

They will enable practices in Medicine and Dentistry, but the first semester will be virtual

The first part of the year will be with virtual classes. The secretariat of the Association of University Teachers announced that only medicine and dentistry practices and some administrative and research activities will be enabled. Mariana Chavez ADULP Deputy Secretary He assured that the first part of the year at the National University of La … Read more

Twitter guide 2021: best practices, calendar, tools, resources, advice …

This comprehensive document is intended to help marketers prepare for their next Twitter campaigns. A real gold mine for marketing professionals in need of inspiration on Twitter. © Twitter Business Twitter Business provides you with a very useful and comprehensive document to organize your next campaigns and find inspiration in order to create new content … Read more