Symptoms of Folic Acid Deficiency in Pregnant Women, Never to be Underestimated – Folic acid is an important nutrient for pregnant women during pregnancy. Not surprisingly, doctors or midwives often recommend foods or supplements that contain folic acid. It is known, folic acid is a type of B vitamin that the body needs to make new cells, such as skin, hair, nails, and other body parts. … Read more

Ultrapotent IgM antibodies isolated from pregnant woman with Zika virus show promise as immunotherapy

Zika virus (ZIKV) infection is a potentially teratogenic disease, causing up to one in seven children born to infected mothers to suffer from neurodevelopmental deficits. A new study published in the journal Cells shows that some mothers escape injury to their babies because they develop a very powerful neutralizing antibody. This shows the importance of … Read more

Unmarried pregnancy︳20-year-old pregnant woman forced to sign 6 unequal prenuptial agreements

Premarital sex should take adequate contraceptive measures! A 20-year-old woman surnamed Wang in the Mainland was pregnant and unmarried. She was discussing marriage with her boyfriend surnamed Chang. Unexpectedly, the man’s family forced her to sign six unequal prenuptial agreements. The princess, who was five months pregnant, didn’t give in, and even went to the … Read more

Married man “killed his pregnant wife and fled for 24 years”…Wrote a letter to his parents-in-law to confess and collapsed after learning the truth | International | CTWANT

Cao Nan fled for 24 years after killing his pregnant wife. (Picture / flip from Weibo) A man surnamed Cao from Sichuan, Mainland China, was dissatisfied with the fact that he became a dwarf and his wife had a strong personality 24 years ago, which led him to kill his two-month-pregnant wife and escape in … Read more

The Sad Story of a Woman Divorced by Her Husband while Pregnant, The Reason Makes Her Angry

Jakarta – Usually married couples will feel happy if given offspring. But instead of feeling happy, this man actually chose to divorce his wife who was pregnant just because of something that shouldn’t be a problem. Reporting from, the story happened in China. The woman who had previously given birth to 4 children suddenly … Read more

Pregnant Angarskaya, fashionable Bondarenko, Permyakova with her daughter’s father at the premiere of the film “Smart Masha”

Nastasya Samburskaya put on a black polka dot suit. The image of the artist added red lipstick and shoes of the same color. “Goddess!” – Natalya Rudova shouted to the actress. Nadezhda Angarskaya came in a loose green dress, under which she hid her rounded belly – the Comedy Woman star is expecting her second … Read more

Kosin Ratchakrom cleared the pregnant wife before marriage. If my father hadn’t ordered it, I wouldn’t have thought of getting married.

This is a 16-year-old relationship, just on TV for the first time? Kosin “Yes.” The love path of 16 years is very sweet and juicy. Just passed a Lanna wedding. How are you? Are you excited? Kosin “still excited” Oil “work on November 6th, still excited, happy” Previously, the wedding would not have happened. Because … Read more

What’s it like to be a pregnant science subject? Journalist Guusje participates in research into vaccine against RS virus

© Illustration Getty/edited by Mediahuis Guusje Trump Yesterday at 06:30 Haarlem Journalist Guusje Tromp participated in research into a vaccine against the RS virus. In healthy adults, the virus leads to the common cold, but it can be much more serious for babies. What’s it like to be a pregnant science subject?

Pregnant women with negative blood type beware of fetal hemolysis

Pregnant women with negative blood type beware of fetal hemolysis Anyone who has experience in blood donation will know that besides A, B, AB and O blood types, there are also positive and negative points. Although negative blood type is not a disease and does not affect daily life, women with negative blood type need … Read more