Bayonetta 3 is almost ready: PlatinumGames takes pride in long-awaited Nintendo Switch exclusive

Japanese studio PlatinumGames once again remembered the existence of a dynamic action Bayonetta 3announced back in 2017 for the console Nintendo Switch… The developers updated the current status of the project as part of a conversation with the resource VGC. As explained Hideki Kamiya and Acusi Inaba production of Bayonetta 3 proceeds without any problems. … Read more

Index – Abroad – The church founder who wrote the anthem of the Pride died

Carl Bean, Unity and Community Church Movement (Unity Fellowship Church Movement) founder of a denomination called Born This Way, He died at the age of 77 years – writes the BBC. He worked tirelessly to free the vulnerable and LGBTQ people, helping many people find their way back to spirituality. Wrote Carl Bean ‘s denomination, … Read more

The World’s Top Scientists, China’s Pride, Suddenly Make Confessions About Corona Virus

PEOPLE’S MIND – The emergence of the corona virus at the end of 2019 still holds a big question mark. Now the pandemic, known as Covid-19, is still endemic, spreading in all corners of the country. When many people were looking for the origin of the corona virus, one of the world’s top epidemiologists suddenly … Read more

Mohamed Salah expresses his pride in representing the Egyptian national team for 10 years

Egyptian star Mohamed Salah sent a celebratory message after 10 years of representing his country for the first time. Salah posted a photo on his official Twitter page, wearing the captain’s armband for the Egyptian national team. The star of the Egyptian national team commented on the photo, saying: “10 years and the count is … Read more

The new pride of AMG is called GT 63 SE Performance, it has up to 843 horses and more than 1,400 Nm!

At the beginning of summer Mercedes-Benz or its Mercedes-AMG division showed us a finely modernized 4-door GT. The Facelift was marked exclusively by the six-cylinder GT 43 and GT 53 versions, which at the time represented the only engine versions on offer. Even then, however, we knew that the top eight-cylinder would not be dropped … Read more

The «Cibus» speaks Cremonese. In Parma between flavors and pride

CREMONA – IS Cibus, the International Food Exhibition hosted by the Parma Fair, the stage where Confagricoltura, present with an exhibition space (hall 5, L10) and very active, today will present the results of the research of Agronetwork – the association for the promotion of agro-industry founded by the Confederation together with Nomisma and LUISS … Read more

Another blow to the Queen’s pride from Prince Harry and Megan Mark. It has to do with their daughter

Sign language of Duchess Megan and Prince Harry +21 See more It will be recalled that the firstborn of Prince Harry and Megan Mark was baptized by the Archbishop of Canterbury himself in July 2019. Ordinary spectators and the press were not allowed in the territory of the significant event. Sussex even refused to reveal … Read more

Unique in the world, the black honey bee is the pride of the Chimay region

The Chimay region can be proud of having a species of insect that is unique in the world: the black honey bee. For several years, conservation measures for this honey-producing insect have been implemented. And a “black bee house” is now accessible to the public. You can find lots of information there but also take … Read more

The Baltic Pride is unveiled in Riga; its events will take place online

The Baltic Pride Week has started with a special opening event, which will be held in Riga. A rainbow flag is raised in the central place of the pride – in the cannabis cultural center. Unlike other years, this time there will be no pride’s most important event – the big march. Instead, a bus … Read more

A week of Baltic Pride 2021 events will take place in Riga from August 2 to 7 In Latvia

Today, August 2, the week of Baltic Pride 2021 events starts in Riga. The main slogan and goal of the set of events is “Until we are all equal”, defending minority groups in society. Kaspars Zālītis, the organizer of the pride and human rights activist, revealed about what to expect today and throughout the week … Read more