Pnrr, Gentiloni: “Nobody talks about it, it’s an urgent problem”. Openpolis: government has not completed even one of the 12 deadlines at the end of March

The European commissioner warns: “The Pnrr does not seem to me to be sufficiently central to our concerns”. In less than two weeks, the decision from Brussels on the 19 billion installment is expected, which still remains in the balance. Meanwhile, the Meloni executive – who aims to re-discuss the plan – has not completed … Read more

Stanny Verbeurgt from Melle gives a lecture on food digestion problem – NUUS

“Always eating the same thing puts your body out of balance” Nutritionist Stanny Verbeurgt puts the finger on the wound during a speaker evening Tuesday March 21 Vinoscope, Industrieweg 202, 9030 Ghent 10 euros entry Reservation is needed. subscribe through this link Eating healthy yourself: that’s what it’s all about at the ‘Nutri-Versity’ speaker evening … Read more

Is the wooden bat really a problem… Korea, where hitting speed was not a problem

delivery time2023-03-20 07:00 The average exit velocity for round 1 is about the same as that of Japan. Kim Ha-seong’s home run (Tokyo = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Ji-eun = A match between Korea and China in the first round of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) Group B finals held at Tokyo Dome, Japan … Read more

Bonus, for professionals with problem loans, two ways to use them

Urban planning by Mario Cerofolini and Lorenzo Pegorin 20 March 2023 There remains the possibility of deduction from Irpef or, with transfer from third parties, of compensation with F24 (also with Imu or employee contributions) Industry professionals of the building industry grappling with the management of tax bonuses. The regulatory overlap, with the continuous distortion … Read more

So confused! When the Microsoft support solves the problem of the customer’s genuine windows cannot be activated by cracking.

This puzzling story was revealed by a Twitter user named TCNO/TroubleChute Who are having problems with Windows 10 Pro keys bought from the Microsoft Store cannot be activated at all. Contact Microsoft support immediately, but after that, the team uses some methods that can be activated without any problems. Twitter users TCNO/TroubleChute said, “I couldn’t … Read more

Inca Grings. “This rigid thinking is a major social problem”.

Grings: “This rigid thinking is a major social problem” Why are there still no female coaches to oversee a men’s professional team? National team coach Inka Grings comments in the podcast of honor. 17.03.2023 Inka Grings, trainer of the Swiss national team, is a guest in the latest episode of the lap of honour. Here … Read more

Ford has another huge problem, 1.3 million of its cars from the last decade may have complete brake failure

Ford has another huge problem, 1.3 million of its cars from the last decade may have complete brake failure 17.3.2023 | Petr Prokopec / Photo: Ford, collage The Blue Oval has not been having a happy time lately. And this is another blow for him. Over a million of his cars have problems with … Read more