7 Xiaomi products that you can buy to light up your home: LEDs, light bulbs and more

If you are looking for quality and inexpensive products to illuminate your home, get these Xiaomi products. Written by Carlos Rubio Mazas Last updated on 10/25/2020 at 20:01 Xiaomi is one of our favorite brands. Not only because they have incredible, high-quality devices for all types of pockets, but also for its other products. And … Read more

Reyes Maroto affirms in ‘A pie de campo’ that the European Commission could impose tariffs on US products as of Monday

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has stated during an interview on the program “At the foot of the field” of CMM Radio that it is possible that from next Monday the European Commission can give the green light to impose tariffs on American products if the Donald Trump Administration continues to … Read more

In repudiation of Emmanuel Macron’s statements, they organize a boycott against French products in Arab countries

This saturday, Arabian countries they called for a boycott of French products present in their nations. The action occurs after the statements of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, which generated outrage among the citizens of Middle east. The European president indicated that he will not “renounce the publication of the cartoons” of Muhammad. Turkey and … Read more

The most popular products in Action with romance and adventure

Amazon Prime: fast, FREE and unlimited shipping and much more Amazon Prime customers enjoy FREE 1-day Shipping on two million products and 2-3-day Shipping on millions more, Access to series and movies on Prime Video, including Amazon Originals series, more than 2 million songs and hundreds of ad-free playlists with Prime Music, hundreds of eBooks … Read more

Saudi campaign to boycott Turkish products gains momentum

An unofficial import embargo imposed by Saudi Arabia on Turkish products is undermining the latter’s exports not only to the Persian Gulf powerhouse, but also to its neighbors and other Arab countries, according to arabnews.com. The measure is triggered after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently stated that “the Arab Gulf countries will not exist … Read more

Cayenne pepper becomes another of San Martín’s star products | News

The cultivation of cayenne pepper has become one of the star products of the San Martín region, especially in the province of El Dorado, due to its high economic and productive profitability, job creation and other benefits. For example, in the Santa Rosa district, located in the El Dorado province, the farmers are happy because … Read more

Airbnb partners with Jony Ive to develop its new generation of products and services

Following his departure from Apple in mid-2019, Jony Ive, who was the company’s chief designer, founded LoveFrom. This company, of which Apple would be one of its largest clients, brings together great talent in the field of design that, According to Airbnb, it will help them “design the next generation of Airbnb products and services”.

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Razer Xbox products will be compatible with Xbox Series X

Comunicado de prensa Razer announced that current Razer products designed for Xbox will be compatible with the upcoming Xbox Series X when it launches in November, bringing the best in gaming peripherals to the next generation of Microsoft consoles. Award-winning Razer products designed for Xbox have become staunch fan favorites. With each product designed to … Read more