Physician-researcher Arno Bourgonje (26) is making promising discoveries for patients with chronic intestinal diseases

Doctor-researcher Arno Bourgonje (26) likes to solve the most complicated puzzles. Hence his fascination with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. In his dissertation, one of the thickest in the history of the University of Groningen, he makes promising discoveries for patients of these “very complex” chronic intestinal diseases. Doctor-researcher Arno Bourgonje (26) is doing his … Read more

““100,000 won → 9,000 won, betrayal of a promising bio that I believed in, ruining my life”” – The Herald Economy

Celivery listed on the KOSDAQ as ‘Special Company No. 1’ [사진 한국거래소] [헤럴드경제=박영훈 기자] “Does it make sense for the stock price of 100,000 won to go up to 9,000 won? I lost tens of thousands of won” (Investor) “Contrary to the saying that investing can change the class of your life, it has ruined … Read more

Soy: Brazil has a promising 2023 ahead for domestic demand and exports;…

The last week was marked by a battery of new data released for the Brazilian scenario of supply and demand for Brazilian soybeans and there are three points of strong convergence between analysts and market consultants: 1) all current crop estimates are too optimistic and – in view of the climatic adversities already registered, which … Read more

Sint-Truiden pushes Eupen towards relegation zone after promising clash | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

Man of the match: Aboubakary Koita returned to the base of STVV today. A masterstroke by Hollerbach. The quick winger was by far the most dangerous man on the field and capitalized on that outstanding performance with his involvement in both goals. Key moment: Although the first half was colored by a barrage of chances, … Read more

Cancer Vaccine: A Promising Future

Normally, vaccines help protect us against disease. But cancer vaccines are different: They are potential therapies to treat people who already have cancer. These treatments have been years in the making and failures have been frequent, but now they are beginning to show promise. In the last decade, technological innovations such as genome sequencing have … Read more

Video games: Birth of a promising studio for AAA games

PublishedJanuary 11, 2023, 7:13 PM Video games: Birth of a promising studio for big budget games Developers behind Microsoft’s ‘Forza Horizon’ car racing game have come together under the new entity Maverick to allow more room for their creativity. Former Creative Director at Playground Games, originator of the game «Forza Horizon», Mike Brown took over … Read more

Pigs regain their erection, a promising treatment

On Wednesday, January 4, Chinese scientists published a study to build a synthetic fabric that would reduce erection problems. This experiment was first carried out on pigs. Thanks to the creation of this synthetic fabricof the penis injured pigs managed to get an erection again. A promising experience which could be beneficial to humans in … Read more

Pigs regain their erection thanks to a synthetic fabric: “It is promising for injuries in humans”

Chinese scientists have created a synthetic fabric that has allowed pigs with injured penises to regain an erection, an experiment that could hold promise for helping humans in the future. “This is an area that has received little attention, but the needs are enormous,” Xuetao Shi, one of the authors of the study published Wednesday … Read more

White Rat Livestock Proven Promising, Pay Attention to This Important Thing!

White rats are different from mice or other types of mice. When you want to try white rat livestock, you need to understand the preparation of cages, feed, and various other things related to their cultivation. Regarding how this animal farming business works, you can check the following explanation. Read Also: Hongkong Caterpillar Livestock Business … Read more

Cinema: promising return of the public to French theaters in 2022

Glimmer of hope for dark rooms: with 152 million admissions in 2022, cinemas have regained three quarters of their pre-Covid attendance, signing one of the best “remontada” at the global level and optimistic prospects for the year 2023. This is a strong rebound compared to the 95.5 million admissions in 2021 (+59.2%), but still down … Read more