Vaccinal marathon, Fugatti takes stock of the organization: 800 people are needed, also Civil Protection, firefighters, Alpine troops and Alpine Rescue in the field – Chronicle

TRENTO. Operational meeting in the headquarters of the Province with the president Maurizio Fugatti for the organization of the vaccination marathon which will affect Trentino from Saturday 4 December to Wednesday 8 December, with the aim of vaccinating 100,000 people from Trentino and securing the community. A press release from Piazza Dante explains that “the … Read more

Enjoy Cyber ​​Monday under the protection of a VPN

To secure your transactions and Internet browsing, nothing better than a VPN. On the occasion of Cyber ​​Monday, NordVPN sharply lowers the price of its subscription. During Cyber ​​Monday, the risk of having your data hacked increases significantly. To avoid this problem, the VPN (Virtual Private Network) remains the solution of choice. This system passes … Read more

Covid pill MSD less effective than thought, 30 percent protection

The company reports. Previously, this seemed to be the case in 50 percent of the cases. Earlier this week, MSD applied for approval from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to market the pill in Europe. The EMA has yet to assess the application, but has already given European governments permission to prescribe the drug. The … Read more

Molecular biologist Ulrich Elling: New Coronavirus variant will probably “strongly escape” vaccination protection

Molecular biologist Ulrich Elling speaks in the PULS 24 interview about the new virus variant B.1.1.529. Due to the high number of mutations, this is probably more contagious and vaccination protection is lower. How the variant spread has not yet been clarified. The spread of a new potentially very dangerous and highly contagious variant of … Read more

Accompanied by ample protection, Lukashenko has appealed to the migrants: we will not try to detain you

The state news agency Belta announces Lukashenko’s visit. Other channels supporting the Lukashenko regime also shared the images with Telegram. A Belsat reader reported at 9 a.m. that Lukashenko had flown by helicopter to the Bruges border post. The same was written by blogger Anton Motolko (apparently based on another source), but his source assured … Read more

Split in opposition. The Senate passed the law on border protection with amendments

When asked about the amendments, the Senate Marshal told journalists that there were two aspects to the border law – One is to protect our border and, at the same time, the external border of the European Union, this is a sacred thing (…). However, the second issue is what works to our detriment, to … Read more

An Israeli study revealed that Pfizer’s booster vaccine offers nearly 10 months protection against coronavirus

The most widely used vaccine in Israel is that of Pfizer / BioNTech (Photo: AP) Booster vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech laboratories offers protection against coronavirus for between 9 and 10 months, according to preliminary data from an investigation carried out by the Israeli hospital Tel Hashomer. Initial study results on antibody levels will be … Read more

Colds could boost protection against Covid, study finds –

People who have had mild coronaviruses like the common cold are said to have better protection against Sars-Cov-2 through a cross-reaction. They would develop less serious forms of Covid-19, a study from the University of Zurich indicates on Monday. Even if they do not offer complete protection, cross reactions shorten the disease cycle and reduce … Read more

I applied for the first penalty, but I did not ask for the second one, the Pardubice team caught Chytil in the protection of the referee

From left Mojmír Chytil from Pardubice and Alois Hyčka from Teplice. Ondřej Hájek, CTK Not to mention that his Pardubice was just rummaging through the aforementioned victory over the Bohemians. Three draws and six defeats brought a drop to the bottom of the table and a cruel sobering for the ambitious newcomer last season. “That’s … Read more

Civil Protection Weather Alert: bad weather in the South, yellow alert in Sicily

Weather alert: on the basis of the forecast phenomena, a yellow alert was assessed for tomorrow, Monday 21 November, on some sectors of Abruzzo, Campania, Lazio, Liguria, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily Gradual worsening of conditions weather forecast in Italy, with thunderstorms from Sardinia at the Liguria which will extend to part of the peninsular … Read more