Protects Against Cancer, Removes Cough! Revitalizes your skin from head to toe

You won’t believe the benefits of basil, which is usually found in our kitchens and colors the salads. This plant, which can grow by itself in nature, is very good for both its taste and mental health. Basil, which contains many vitamins and minerals, contains antioxidants such as beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin. Experts, on the other … Read more

Covid, fourth dose vaccine protects against contagion: the study

More also protected from contagion with the fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine. This is the conclusion of an Israeli multicenter maxi study published on ‘Jama Network Open’ and conducted on 29,611 healthcare professionals. Scientific work evaluated the impact of Pfizer / BioNTech’s second booster on the rate of ‘breakthrough’ infections (i.e. in vaccinated people) … Read more

Expert Dietitian Selahattin Dönmez gave the list! This diet both protects the brain and strengthens the muscles – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Diyet Expert Dietitian Selahattin Dönmez gave the list! This diet both protects the brain and strengthens the muscles. Affecting 2.5 million people worldwide MS The disease emerges as a result of physical destruction on the myelin layer of the spinal cord, which provides information communication between the central nervous system and organs. … Read more

It secretes the hormone of happiness, protects against cancer! You will be very surprised when you hear 7 benefits…

Kiwi, which contains a large amount of vitamin C, protects the immune system. Happiness Kiwi, which supports the production of serotonin, which means the hormone, also protects against some psychological problems. CREATE THE EFFECT OF COLLAGEN Kiwi, which benefits the production of collagen, leads to the repair of wounds and the preservation of the moisture … Read more

Ursula von der Leyen to Portfolio: only European solidarity protects the Hungarians, the Russians are really hurt by the sanctions

Do you have specific information about whether the Russian Federation is preparing to completely stop gas deliveries to the European Union, or is it only the trends so far that point to this, and thus the proverb “better to be safe than sorry” was the starting point for the “Save gas for a safe winter” … Read more

New spray effectively protects against viruses and bacteria – healing practice

Improved protection against viruses and bacteria in prospect A newly developed spray for coating of surfaces is intended to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses and could also help in the fight against COVID-19. In a new study involving experts from University of Sydney it was investigated whether coating surfaces with a special spray … Read more

Established drug for angina symptoms also protects vascular system, study finds

A drug used in the clinical treatment of angina symptoms also has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels, reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke. The study, led by MedUni Vienna and including access to Harvard Medical School data, has now been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of … Read more

High-tech beehive protects animals thanks to AI

The Israeli start-up Beewise wants to make work easier for beekeepers with robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). For this purpose, the start-up has developed the smart beehive “Beehome”, like the portal “” reported. In the “Beit HaEmek” kibbutz in the north of the country, 24 automated beehives for two million animals have been installed. Inside … Read more

Virologist Giorgio Pal: “A fourth dose of the Covid vaccine is necessary, it protects from serious disease”

MARGHERITA DE BAC (THE CORRIERE DELLA SERA) Updated Monday, July 11, 2022 – 10:31 This Italian expert talks about the idea of ​​extending the fourth dose to 60-year-olds: “From that age the risk of hospitalization increases, but now we know that the vaccine does not prevent reinfections.” A health worker administers a booster dose of … Read more

«Fourth dose, it must be done. It protects against serious illness »-

from Margherita De Bac The virologist on the hypothesis of extending it to 60 years old: «After this age the risk of hospitalization increases. But by now we know that it does not avoid reinfections “ La fourth dose should it be done? “Of course, it must be done without reservations”, argues its usefulness Giorgio … Read more