Democrats win Arizona governorship, new Trump protégé loss

AFP NOS News•Tuesday, 08:12 Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs has won the gubernatorial election in the US state of Arizona. Hobbs beats her Republican rival and Trump ally Kari Lake. The loss of Lake, a former TV host and rising star in the “Make America Great Again” movement, is another blow to Donald Trump, who may … Read more

What if your blood pressure could be regulated by a simple supply of potassium?

Potassium, a molecule isolated in 1807 by Sir Humphry Davy, an English chemist, is an electrolyte, that is to say a mineral which carries an electric charge when dissolved in a liquid such as blood. Housed mainly in our cells, it acts in close collaboration with sodium, another electrolyte which is mainly located outside the … Read more

Raffaele Fitto – B.’s former protégé and that judicial stain to be erased: who is the Minister of European Affairs and Pnrr implementation

And representative institutional “Radically detached from democracy and legality”. “A brave man who has never escaped an interrogation and has repeatedly renounced the prescription to be acquitted with full formula “. Two portraits of the same man: Raffaele Fittothe new minister for European affairs and implementation of the government’s PNRR led by Giorgia Melons. The … Read more

Should children be vaccinated against human papillomavirus?

Four communities include the HPV vaccine for men in their benefits, but in the rest of Spain only girls are immunized Pediatricians have been asking for years that all adolescents be inoculated with the serum Universal vaccination would protect the entire population more, and it is a matter of equity Galicia has been the first … Read more

“Monster” defender Shin Tae-yong’s protégé is one step away from joining Napoli, medical test this week

The giant defender who is Shin Tae-yong’s team is an inch away wearing Napoli, where a medical test is scheduled for this week. Kim Min-jae, who was a former foster child of Indonesian national team coach Shin Tae-yong in South Korea, is one step away from joining ambitious Italian Serie A club Napoli. A number … Read more

Mertens, Lazio insists: Sarri intervenes to get his “protégé” back

No news on the renewal with Napoli for the Belgian: the biancoceleste coach would have asked him to reduce economic claims Given the impasse with Naples on the renewal, Lazio continues to court Dries Mertens. According to Il Messaggero, there would have been a new contact between the player and the biancocelesti managers. To change … Read more