Apple’s fastest devices have been revealed. List published

One of the issues that smartphone owners were most curious about was how the iPhone 14 series would perform. The fact that the Standard and Pro models are powered by different processors has raised the question marks in mind. According to AnTuTu, a widely used software benchmarking tool for benchmarking smartphones and other devices; The … Read more

Secrets of local newspapers published on Wednesday, November 30, 2022

day The son, deputies, and close associates of the head of a political movement, a former deputy, and a prominent candidate for the presidency, refrain from going into details of the contacts about the presidential election, and some of them hold meetings away from the limelight. It was reported that a political reference was behind … Read more

Saudi Arabia.. allegations published by the Guardian newspaper about Muhammad bin Salman and Muhammad bin Nayef spark interaction

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Social media activists interacted with allegations published by the British Guardian newspaper with an article about how the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, came to the position of Crown Prince in the Kingdom. CNN Arabic has reached out to the Saudi authorities for comment on the allegations … Read more

“Traveler in time” published a VIDEO with the score and images of the final in Qatar

With a spatula November 28 2022, 3:50 pm The six-time championship in Brazil will be a reality, according to a TikTok user who claims to be a time traveler. – Photo: Twitter/ @fifaworldcup_es and TikTok/ worldcuptimetraveller Although anyone could say on social networks that a certain selection will be the winner, the “revelation” of this … Read more

The Bioy Casares Library is published in 15 volumes | The presentation will be this Tuesday at the National Library

The books of the “prodigious performer”, one of the most outstanding Argentine writers of the 20th century, winner of the Cervantes Prize for Literature in 1990, they circulate again. “The work comes out of any relationship with the movements that made it. Perhaps the magic depends on this: one had to apply oneself to the … Read more

Kim Jong-un reappeared with his daughter in photos published by North Korea

The photos, published this Sunday by the state agency KCNAshow Kim in various poses next to a girl, who is believed to be her middle daughter and named Kim Ju-yeahdressed in a black coat and whose physical appearance is reminiscent of that of the first lady, Ri Sol-ju. | Fuente: KCNA

Prestigious magazine Vaccine published a study on the Paraguayan vaccine against covid – National

For the first time, a phase III vaccine study developed in Paraguay by professionals from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Asunción and the Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corporation, is published by Revista Vaccine. The fact represents a true pride for the institution, since an article of this magnitude is made available … Read more

The suspect of the murder in Černý Most was arrested at the pump, the police published a video

The police are investigating the case as a murder, in which they suspect a 25-year-old man. The dead man was found on the road, the suspect was found by detectives in three hours. He was caught at a gas station in a car. “Further criminal proceedings are ongoing in the case. “The 25-year-old man is … Read more

published the most truthful photos of the 67-year-old singer, news, details :: Showbiz ::

People’s Artist of Russia Larisa Dolina is 67 years old. It has been two years since she became a pensioner. Every month, taking into account the title, she is paid about 50 thousand rubles. But this money is enough for the singer to look fantastic. After her retirement, Larisa Dolina went out of sight for … Read more

Pablo Milanés: the song that Silvio Rodríguez published after the death of his friend and other tributes to the late Cuban singer-songwriter

Writing BBC News World November 22, 2022 image source, Getty Images Caption, “I met you tearing the chest of death one day”, says the song by Silvio Rodríguez in honor of Pablo Milanés. “Pablo”, that is the simple title of the song that the Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez published on his blog in tribute to … Read more