British PM, Canadian PM to European Union President mocks Putin at the G7 Meeting, Triggers a heated situation

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – G7 leaders joke about legendary photos Vladimir Putin in their meeting in Bavaria, Sunday (26/6/2022). The mockery of Putin’s photo comes amid rumors the Russian leader approved the shipment of nuclear-capable missiles to Belarus to attack Kyiv. British PM Boris Johnson joked about the ‘naked horseback’ stunt to show that they are tougher … Read more

Draghi insists on the price cap, the G7 opens on energy – World

Impose a cap on the price of gas as well. Do not stop looking for the right “way” to respect the different sensitivities that have already emerged among the 27 of the EU and at the same time overcome the perplexities about price cap instruments also found among the 7 big ones. In the Bavarian … Read more

A recording of the G7 summit talks has been leaked. Leaders make fun of Putin. “With or without jackets?” | World news

Sitting down to the common table where the leaders of the seven most powerful economies ¶wiata they talked about new ones sanctions for Russia, politicians they allowed themselves to make fun of Vladimir Putin. More current information from the country and the world at the main page of Watch the video What kind of … Read more

Putin Reportedly Calls Russia’s Fat Ex-General to Lead the War in Ukraine

loading… General (Ret.) Pavel, a chubby retired officer who was reportedly summoned by Russian President Vladimir Putin for the war in Ukraine. Photo/Twitter @visegrad24 KIEV – President Vladimir Putin has reportedly summoned a stout retired general to help lead the special forces Russia in the war on Ukraine timur. Report from Daily Starciting Western intelligence, … Read more

WATCH – World leaders laugh at Russian President Putin: “We need to show our pecs”

Vladimir Putin’s name will therefore have been on the tongues a lot this weekend. This was also evident during the small talk between the world leaders, when cameramen and photographers were given the opportunity to photograph and film them as they sat around a table. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson immediately set the tone when … Read more

NHL | Voracek openly: About Hadamczik’s crap, Ovechkin and Putin and about threats to Russian teammates

What is your opinion on the Czechs in the KHL? Should they leave it because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and not leave for it, just like Rudolf Červený did last week? I think everyone knows my position on these things. I would definitely not go to Russia under any circumstances. I would never … Read more

Leaders united against Putin, 600 billion for infrastructure – Politics

“We will continue to provide financial, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support and to stand by Ukraine for as long as necessary.” This is what we read in the draft of the G7 press release reported by Bloomberg. In the document, the leaders of the G7 are considering the possibility of using the proceeds of tariffs … Read more

the oligarchs associated with Putin are united by this one thing in common

The e-mails of last September’s correspondence were leaked. In the letters, the photo shows that with some asset management directors or administrators, day-to-day business issues were discussed as if they were all part of the same organization. An anti-corruption expert in Russia, who wanted to remain anonymous because of the political situation in Moscow, said … Read more

Anušauskas: Putin offers to hand over Iskander-M tactical missile complex to Belarus

“Lukashenko has proposed to upgrade his existing SU-25 to carry a nuclear weapon in the next few months For Belarus to transfer tactical missile assemblies “Iskander-M“. The same ones who are already in Belarus and shot at Ukraine. After all, new NATO solutions for air defense are just waiting. However, it seems that we should … Read more

Putin on foreign trip for the first time since the start of the war | Abroad

Putin visited Beijing in early February. Later that month, he attacked Ukraine. It sparked outrage in Europe and most of North America. Severe economic sanctions against Russia were declared there. But elsewhere hardly any countries have sanctioned Moscow. Only Australia, New Zealand and Japan did. Putin is seeking closer ties with China, India, Iran and … Read more