On the borders between China and Russia, signs of “erosion” appear on the partnership between Xi and Putin

In the border region between Russia and China, indications have emerged of the “eroding partnership” of Moscow and Beijing, in light of economic, political, cultural and historical divisions that undermine the relationship between the two countries, according to a newspaper report.Wall Street Journal“. For years, the city of Heihe, or Heihe, in the far north … Read more

Russia and Ukraine: What did Russian President Vladimir Putin see during his visit to Mariupol?

Sarah Fowler and James Lindahl I am London and Kiev March 20, 2023 image copyright Reuters Driving his car during the night hours, Russian President Vladimir Putin began his first visit to the city of Mariupol, which was largely destroyed during the Russian forces’ siege and control of it in an earlier period of the … Read more

Vjalbeová on the return of the Russians: The signature is treason. We must stand behind Putin, we are not at war with Ukraine

Despite the still valid recommendations of the IOC, the return of Russians and Belarusians to the scene was made possible by the IBA boxing federation and, most recently, by the FIE fencing organization. In skiing, where the Scandinavian countries have a relatively strong position, which strictly reject any consideration of the return of both countries … Read more

“The Kremlin is very hurt” by the arrest warrant issued by the ICC for Putin / Diena

Sārts explained to the LETA agency that this time the reaction was quite different from the other times, that is, the response was very cautious, which can be interpreted as the regime’s awareness that it is potential high-risk information, which should try to be very controlled when it reaches the citizens of Russia. “Television channels … Read more

Ukraine Russia Online: In the battles in Ukraine, ammunition manufactured in China was also fired

Ukrainian grain could cause problems for Slovak farmers after this year’s harvest to other countries as well, declared Speaker of the Parliament Boris Kollár. Kollar made this statement on the occasion of a joint working meeting with the chairman of the Polish Senate, Tomasz Grodzki, in the High Tatras. They talked about the grain that … Read more

Putin made a surprise visit to Ma Libo in the dark night! The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is angry: like a thief | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a surprise visit to the southern Ukrainian port city of Maribo yesterday, his first visit to the Russian-occupied area of ​​Ukraine since the start of the war. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry today criticized Putin for using the darkness as a cover “like a thief”. ▲Putin made a sudden visit to Maribor, … Read more

Putin visits Mariupol at night and condemns: Criminals return to the scene

Putin visits Mariupol at night and condemns: Criminals return to the scene online report Political situation 19.03.2023 On March 18, Putin visited the Russian-occupied Crimea Peninsula and Mariupol, the port capital of Udon. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the adviser to the presidential palace strongly condemned this. On the same day, both Russia … Read more

“Whether the president’s name is Tokayev or Nazarbayev, it’s one pot wet and they all work for Putin.”

Afina (32) and Alimzjan (35) are confident. The young couple have just voted for parliament for the first time in their lives in Gymnasium No. 25 of Almaty, in southeastern Kazakhstan. On the roof of the brightly painted building, the blue-yellow flag flutters in the winter sun, a cheerful tune blares across the schoolyard. In … Read more

Putin is afraid of death. He barricaded himself in an anti-nuclear bunker

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fears that someone will kill him are growing every day. According to experts, he is hidden in an anti-nuclear bunker and is represented in front of the public by a doppelganger. It is said that he had the shelters, which have been scattered throughout the country since the time of the … Read more

V. Putin has a new hope of gaining an advantage in Ukraine – in 2024. The US presidential election is causing more and more anxiety

The two front-runners in the U.S. Republican Party, former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, are making it clear that if they win the White House, Ukraine will be at risk from U.S. arms and ammunition supplies, and the war could end on Putin’s terms. Their positions underscore a growing conservative antipathy toward … Read more