Beware of Intimate Relationships with Foreplay Putting Fingers into Miss V, Can Be Risky, See Doctor’s Explanation

JOURNAL SOREANG – Alert sexual intercoursehusband and wife should not carelessly do foreplay by inserting a finger inside Miss V. Because when sexual intercourse with foreplay like that is very risky for the health of the wife, especially in the intimate organs ( Miss V ). Although there are some couples who argue that doing … Read more

Priest celebrates putting into the sea with a mat as an altar, investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office

The Milan priest who celebrated mass at sea using a mat as an altar is being investigated by the Crotone Prosecutor’s Office for offense to religious confession. Meanwhile, he apologized. The mass organized by don Mattia Bernasconi who, traveling to Crotone with the parish he manages, has improvised a function at sea, has led to … Read more

Patrícia Gaspar: “We are not going to see soldiers putting out a fire alongside firefighters” – Current Affairs

 Portugal is the third country in the European Union with the most burned area this year: more than 60 thousand hectares. After all, what did this government, which has António Costa as its prime minister, who has been in positions of power for a generation and was Minister of Justice and Home Affairs, do … Read more

After Jenny, Émilie is already putting the key under the doormat

“Selling” because“the adventure ends soon”, writes the future ex-boss on her Facebook page. One year after its opening,“we must not hide our face… after almost a year of opening, my expectations are not there… in terms of attendance, it’s obvious, but also and above all in terms of personal development”. “Reflecting on our consumption” A … Read more

Mojang is putting its foot down for Minecraft-related NFTs

Minecraft developer Mojang does not want any of the NFTs based on its game. The company established that this week. Following feedback from players, Mojang discovered that some companies have already created NFTs related to worlds and cosmetics in Minecraft. From now on, however, all forms of blockchain technology related to Minecraft will end. These … Read more

Fires in Friuli, a civil protection volunteer dies overwhelmed by a tree while putting out the stake –

from Ferruccio Pinotti Elena Lo Duca, 56, policewoman, was the coordinator of the Prepotto section: she was hit by a plant damaged by flames. She had been rewarded by Mattarella. The condolences of the president of the Fedriga Region She gets off work as a policewoman and runs to lend a hand in the fight … Read more

The Slovak shot at the firefighters who were putting out the fire. Then he committed suicide

After extinguishing the fire, firefighters found two bodies at the scene. One was a 33-year-old gunman who committed suicide after shooting at firefighters. “Despite the dangerous situation during the intervention, the firefighters provided first aid to an injured colleague and requested the assistance of the police,” the Bratislava firefighters said. Police confirmed that the body … Read more

how much do you earn without putting $100,000 in 30 days

The current scenario is challenging for the saver and the traditional fixed term is an interesting investment to put the pesos. How much does ICBC pay you? By Pilar Wolffelt 05/07/2022 – 20,47hs Behind the pay of aguinaldo of June, many savers wonder what to do with the pesos. The rise from the different exchange … Read more

Singapore considers putting in place new safeguards in cryptocurrency trading as industry stumbles

Singapore is considering creating new laws to protect traders after a drop in digital asset prices led to a series of catastrophic failures for crypto investors, including companies based in the country. Singapore’s central bank governor, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, wrote in a written response to a question from Parliament that the Monetary Authority of Singapore is … Read more

TikTok, Celebrity | Jessy (27) gets harsh accusations on TikTok: – Like putting a Ferrari brand on a Honda

If you’ve been to TikTok in the last year, you’re guaranteed to come across video clips of young women going from unmade to make up through the few seconds the short videos last. One of those who has garnered millions of likes for just that is Jessy Volk (27) from Saskatchewan in Canada. Also read: … Read more