The Queen’s secretary tells of Philip’s betrayals

Fact or fiction? Watching The Crown this is the question we all ask ourselves. Now that the fifth season is out, doubts about royal intrigues are back to thrill us. Difficult, however, to find answers in the Netflix series which openly declares to be only a fictionalized version of the epic of the British royal … Read more

King Charles wants to solve the 539-year-old mystery “The Princes in the Tower of London”

The story of the two princes in the Tower of London begins in 1483 when their father Edward IV died unexpectedly. He then left responsibility for his sons Edward V (12) and Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York (9) to his brother Richard III. The mystery of the princes in the Tower of London is … Read more

The Crown, the warning in the trailer and will the death of Princess Diana be shown

We have witnessed many times how current events in real life affect the viewership of series or the sale of music albums. The most recent example is the death of Queen Elizabeth, after which streaming of The Crown skyrocketed. Why everyone is mad about the royal family series How controversial is season five of The … Read more

Who is Penny Knatchbull, presumed mistress of Prince Philip

The fifth season of The Crown which will debut on Netflix November 9 has already given rise to more than one controversy for the way it tells the 90s, a decade nail for the royal family, especially given the fact that it hits screens just two months later the death of Queen Elizabeth. Between the … Read more

She spent 45 days in her position. How does Terass’s term compare to those of the British prime ministers who preceded her?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – After British Prime Minister Liz Truss announced her resignation on Thursday, she stated that early elections would be held only about 6 weeks after taking office. Terrace announced her decision to leave on the 45th day of her term. Previously, George Canning held the record for the shortest term … Read more

Scrambled eggs, Elizabeth II and what’s the secret ingredient to making them so delicious

It is hardly a surprise to anyone that the late Queen Elizabeth II lived her long life by following a healthy diet. And what she likes to eat every day hasn’t changed much in the last 60 years. How to start your day like Queen Elizabeth What does the Queen eat morning, noon and night … Read more

Queen Elizabeth knew the date of her death before her departure, and this is her last request

Queen Elizabeth II did not want to leave the world at Buckingham Palace, and chose Balmoral Palace because it was the place that witnessed the most beautiful days of her life and memories through generations. The palace is not only a place for vacation, but it is a palace where important and influential decisions were … Read more

Queen Elizabeth’s death certificate reveals cause and timing of death

Yesterday, Thursday, the National Records of Scotland published the death certificate of Queen Elizabeth II, signed by her daughter Princess Anne. The Queen’s cause of death was announced to the public for the first time in the official document, as the cause of death can be included on the death certificates of people over 80 … Read more

An official document reveals the cause of the death of Queen Elizabeth II

LONDON, UK (CNN)–Queen Elizabeth II died at 3:10pm UK time on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Ballatier, Scotland, a document published by the National Records in Scotland revealed on Thursday, and that the cause of death was ” old age.” Credit: National Records of Scotland The document is signed by Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess … Read more

Why can’t Prince William simply forgive his brother Prince Harry?

Although the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II brought together Prince William, Prince of Wales, and his brother, Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, it was only a truce between the two brothers because Prince William cannot forgive his brother. According to The New Royals author, Katie Nicholl, the sudden appearance of Prince William and his wife … Read more