“I am afraid of envy.” An Egyptian actress hides her marriage from the media and raises controversy

The Egyptian actress, “Jouri Bakr”, revealed the reason for her concealment of her marriage from the media, and her refusal to attend the press cameras at the wedding ceremony of the businessman, noting that she is very afraid of envy. And she continued, in statements reported by the media: “The marriage took place suddenly.” And … Read more

Study shows wiping nose with finger raises Alzheimer’s risk

Exploration of the nasal passages can lead the bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae to the brain; men are more exposed to neurological disease Azerbaijan_stockers/FreepikWiping your nose with your finger is linked to the development of Alzheimer’s If picking snot out of your nose with your finger was already a disreputable and unhygienic habit, a study pointed out … Read more

If the Fed raises rates today there will be less appetite for riskier assets | YOUR MONEY

“We have seen that several analysts and investors, who are behind it, consider that the Fed should pause its rate hike. If you decide to increase it tomorrow (today) there could be an additional downward correction in the market”, foresees Miguel Leiva, vice president of Variable Income Research at Credicorp Capital. Which explains part of … Read more

“Banking sector resilient”: ECB raises interest rates significantly

“Banking sector resilient” ECB raises interest rates significantly 03/16/2023, 2:15 p.m Despite severe turbulence on the financial markets, the European Central Bank is raising interest rates sharply again. In order to get inflation under control, it is raising the key interest rate by 50 basis points to 3.5 percent. With the sixth interest rate increase … Read more

A new earthquake hits Kahramanmaraş.. and raises anxiety in Turkey

The Presidency of Disaster and Emergency Management “AFAD” in Turkey announced, on Monday, that a 4.3-magnitude earthquake struck Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, which raised concern among the residents of these areas for fear of a devastating earthquake scenario. She added that the earthquake occurred at a depth of 15 kilometers below the surface of the earth, and … Read more

The ball rose before touching it. The way Cristiano Ronaldo hit his goal against Abha raises controversy (video)

Cristiano Ronaldo ) The way Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of the Saudi club Al-Nasr, took the direct free kick and scored a wonderful goal from it against his team against his counterpart, Abha, in the framework of the Saudi League matches, raised confusion and controversy among the fans. And the pioneers of social networking sites … Read more

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi “Washizu” changes “Return to gentle eyes”, Yosuke Sugino “Masato” raises the voice of “My chest is tightened” … “Trap War” 10 episodes | cinemacafe.net

The 10th episode of “Trap War” starring Tsuyoshi Kusanagi will be broadcast on March 20th. Washizu, who has changed, said, “It’s painful to look at” and “Go back to your gentle eyes”. ‘ is being sent. This is the third installment in the war series starring Kusanagi, and a legislator secretary whose son was seriously … Read more

A new “Lebanese” achievement… Boxer Charbel Diab raises Lebanon’s name high!

Today, Sunday, Lebanese boxer Charbel Bello Diab achieved a remarkable achievement in the “UAE Warriors 40 Arabia 10” world professional boxing tournament. After a challenging match that culminated in the victory of Lebanese boxer Charbel Diab over his Egyptian counterpart Mahmoud Afia, in the “UAE Warriors 40 Arabia 10” tournament held in the UAE capital, … Read more

A new “Lebanese” achievement… Boxer Charbel Diab raises Lebanon’s name high! …Lebanon

Press B Sports – Tayyar.org Watch a new “Lebanese” achievement… Boxer Charbel Diab raises Lebanon’s name high! Now watch the details. Today, Sunday, the Lebanese boxer Charbel Bello Diab achieved a distinguished achievement in the “UAE Warriors 40 Arabia 10” world professional boxing championship. 10″ held in the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi. Diab, son of … Read more

Angham raises controversy with what she wore, and the audience accuses her of encouraging pedophilia

The Egyptian singer Angham was subjected to many criticisms after appearing at the rehearsals for her concert “Night of the Voice of Egypt” wearing a Balenciaga Yemen shirt, despite the fact that this brand was subjected to extensive campaigns because of its exploitation of children to promote sexual products, which many considered support for pedophilia, … Read more