Energy prices continue to rise: “If the situation does not change, the average bill will reach €7,000 per year for Belgians”

Gas prices: Europe and the United States are not in the same boat, and that could change everything The end of health measures linked to Covid and the war in Ukraine led to a totally unprecedented and spectacular surge in the price of gas. Europe and the United States are not in the same boat … Read more

Nokia denounces Oppo and OnePlus, Germany prohibits the sale of its mobiles… and the measure could reach more countries

No German citizen can buy a phone from OnePlus or Oppo (both brands owned by its parent company BBK) since last August 5, when the German justice through a court in Manheim ordered this measure in the event that the parties do not reach an agreement before that date. The reason for the dispute, a … Read more

Is it better to choose a fixed or variable contract for its energy consumption? The difference can reach 3,870 euros!

Published on 08/09 at 04:00 Par Benoit Jacquemart The difference in annual bill between fixed contracts and variable contracts can reach 3,870 euros for a typical Walloon household. Good to know if you need to renew or modify your supply contract. ** **** ***** ******* ** ******* ** ********** ************ **** *** ********* ****** ***** … Read more

New sectors demand ICT professionals, salaries reach S/ 16,000 | fedu | Peruvian professionals | Professional careers | Technology Specialist | Developers and programmers | Technology by PageGroup | ECONOMY

Ivanna Seri, Recruitment Leader at Technology by PageGrouppointed out that this has changed. “Finding and attracting candidates is more complex and is handled mainly by LinkedIn, WhatsApp groups, huting or referrals.” Along these lines, he comments that it becomes increasingly necessary to have a solid database in the company that is constantly fed and … Read more

Review the key issues in the economy: Inflation continues to suffocate and video games could reach game over | Economy

Inflation in Chile again gave no respite and climbed to its highest year-on-year level since 1994. In companies globally, video game manufacturers could see the steepest drop in sales in recent years. US and local inflation The National Institute of Statistics (INE) in Chile reported this Monday that in July the Consumer Price Index (CPI) … Read more

how much will it reach at the end of the year according to the market

Those who most accurately forecast this variable with short-term horizons projected that the average nominal exchange rate for December 2022 would be $167.57, which represents an increase of 63.2% in the year. The monthly average wholesale nominal exchange rate for business days was $128.45 per dollar in July 2022. dollar 1.jpg The forecast of those … Read more

VIDEO: Ducár fought until the last second, but did not reach the European boxing title. The opponent was saved by the end of the last lap

Source: Pixabay GCF, as the oldest MMA organization in the Czech Republic, has announced two tournaments that will take place in the near future. However, it is not excluded that there will be other gala evenings before the end of this calendar year. The GCF recently announced some great news. It has new owners and … Read more

Lebanon’s new coach…a challenging and adventurous journey to reach the 2026 World Cup

Lebanon prepares for the 2023 Asian Cup and 2026 World Cup qualifiers (Francois Niel/Getty) A new journey in the ball Lebanese With a new coach seeking to achieve an achievement in a country that suffers at all levels, especially the sports sector in general, and the game of football in particular, in light of this … Read more

Scientists explain the secret of radio waves that reach from space to Earth

A research paper published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society by the researchers describes a series of large, low-frequency objects about 800 million light-years from Earth. From time to time, radio waves from space arrive at Earth, which originates from a distant group of galaxies. Scientists confirm that these sounds do not … Read more

Luciana Fuster rejoined This is war after showing a video that did reach the channel and was not lacking

Johanna San Miguel asked the Court of This is war listen to the explanation Luciana Fuster after being absent from the program and invited her to enter the set. The Peruvian model gave her release to reveal that she never missed the channel because she did come that day, but due to a personal issue … Read more