3 Reasons Bitcoin Bulls Are Well Positioned To Benefit From This Week’s $4.2 Billion Options Expiration

Regulation remains the top concern for Bitcoin bulls, especially after the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) sued Binance for trading and derivatives law violations. The regulator wants Binance to return trading profits, income, salaries, commissions, loans, and fees it received from US citizens, in addition to paying civil penalties for violations. Bitcoin’s price rise was … Read more

Artificial intelligence: the reasons why more than 1,000 experts ask to stop it | Innovation

A group of artificial intelligence experts and technology industry executives have called for a six-month pause in training powerful artificial intelligence systems, arguing that it is a potential threat to humanity. In an open letter, they claimed that labs working with this technology are in “an out-of-control race to develop and implement increasingly powerful digital … Read more

Reasons and consequences of Putin’s tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus

How worried should we be about the announcement, by the Russian side, of the forthcoming deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus? What consequences does this choice have and what motivates it? In our view, the Russian decision stems from the systematic and chronic recourse to threats as an instrument of coercion. In other words, … Read more

FIFA: The reasons for disqualifying Indonesia from hosting the U20 World Cup are exposed-International-China Times News

FIFA: Reasons for canceling Indonesia’s U20 World Cup qualification revealed. (Photo/Dazhi Video) Indonesia was originally scheduled to host the U20 Youth Football World Cup in May. A few days ago, some officials refused to participate in Israel, which caused controversy. Cup qualification. The International Football Federation (FIFA) announced on its official website tonight that after … Read more

Producers Reveal Reasons for Subsidized Electric Motorbikes of Rp. 7 Million Not Yet Sold

CNN Indonesia Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023 12:02 WIB Illustration. The subsidized electric motorbikes have not been sold because the purchase verification site, Sispira, is not yet active. (Photo: CNN Indonesia/Safir Makki) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Electric motorcycle manufacturer subsidized have not been able to sell their products since this program opened March 20, 2023. Electric motors … Read more

Vietnam War 50: Another look at 7 reasons why America failed – BBC News 中文

Mark Shea BBC International Correspondent March 29, 2023 image source,Getty Images After World War II, the United States was the undisputed number one economy in the world, and it believed it was equally unrivaled militarily. In Vietnam, however, the United States was defeated by the North Vietnamese and their guerrilla allies, the Viet Cong, after … Read more

It’s not just the mouth! 5 reasons why Conte may not manage a top team after Spurs split

Italian coach created a huge crack in the army “Chicken Golden Spur” from the interview severely blamed the team. After the game is always Southampton 3-3, although his team had a real 3-1 lead over Saints. For this issue has led to serious dissatisfaction with Spurs players. And there have been reports that they no … Read more

girl married to brother-in-law Taking grandchildren to be their own children. Reasons are full of fate. Fate is a joke..

girl married to brother-in-law Take your sister’s child as your own child. Happy face. The reason behind it is inviting. as if fate played a joke On March 26, 2023 website Sinchew Revealing the story of the drama on the online community of Indonesia. When TikTok account user @fietrykitty shared a video showing a bride … Read more