These are the benefits of having dinner at the time of the English

When it comes to eating, in Spain we tend to go a little late: we eat around three, we have dinner from nine at night and go to bed no earlier than eleven (our television prime time is from ten at night to one in the morning, which delays our time to go to sleep … Read more

#RECIPE Autumn pasilla chiles with almond sauce and cream cheese

Autumn pasilla peppers INGREDIENTS6 pasilla chili peppers250 gr of ground beef250 gr of ground pork50 gr of walnuts, halved59 gr de pasitas2 apples in cubes2 pears, diced2 slices of pineapple honey in cubes150 gr of chopped tomato1/2 onion finely chopped2 garlic cloves, finely choppedc / s of olive oil1 bar of butter2 cloves1/2 tsp ground … Read more

7 secret benefits of cabbages (and recipes to make you like them more)

In childhood it is a vegetable that we usually reject, but the truth is that cabbages are a family of vegetables rich in nutrients and with which you can prepare healthy and delicious dishes. Do you want to know its advantages for your body? The botanical family of cabbages is called Brassica oleracea: Inside it … Read more

Not only meat: 5 alternatives to “throw on the grill” in National Holidays and how to prepare them | Lifetime

We are already imagining ourselves next to the grill, steaming meats, crispy vegetables and the best cuecas of the season. One of Chile’s favorite celebrations is approachingI know that, although it will be very different from those of previous years, we will never deprive ourselves of eating a delicious barbecue with our family, as tradition … Read more

5 colorful easy and uncomplicated Mexican appetizer recipes

Mexican antojitos are very popular and iconic dishes. They represent a millenary culinary history full of tradition If you are a lover of Mexican food, this selection of Mexican snacks cannot be missing from your repertoire of recipes. Photo: Image by platinumproperties1 on Pixabay / Pixabay The Mexican Kitchen is one of the most popular … Read more

For an Eighteen without meat: recipes and vegetarian and vegan products for the barbecue

We are on the verge of new National Holidays: flags, cuecas and above all a lot of food, which is usually shared with family and friends. However, this anniversary will mark a before and after: it is the first major event held at the national level during the coronavirus pandemic. Gone are the trips to … Read more

Always preheat the oven empty

Anyone preheating the oven should make sure that it is empty. Because if the tray heats up, it can have a negative effect on the baking result, explains Heike Hauenschild, caretaker from the DHB household network. Why cold trays are better and when preheating is even superfluous. Baked goods threaten “shock” Baking trays as well … Read more

the good recipes of the starred restaurant La Meynardie to get by

The lunch service ends, the last customers leave La Meynardie, the restaurant of the starred chef Adrien Soro, in Paulin in the Dordogne. A couple, who runs an accommodation, expresses their satisfaction and will advise the premises to their own customers. Inside, the chef makes himself available, even if he has little time …