the latest frightening reconstruction – Libero Quotidiano

The solution of the yellow Denise Pipitone, after 17 years of silence and misdirection, could be close again after the disappearance of 1 September 2004 just four years after Mazara del Vallo. The carabinieri have identified a Romanian girl. She denied being Denise Pipitone: “We are only homonymous and the same age”. Now only the … Read more

Scooter at San Siro, 20 years ago one of the biggest ultras of Italian football. The reconstruction of history –

There was a time when you could go to the stadium but it wasn’t always a party. On May 6, 2001, for example. Inter-Atalanta is played at San Siro. There is a quarter of an hour to go, we are at 3-0 for the hosts: a brace from Vieri and a goal from Recoba in … Read more

Eighteen-year-old killed in Parma, his girlfriend’s ex – Emilia-Romagna stopped

Patrick Mallardo would have hit Daniele Tanzi with about twenty stab wounds in the abdomen. The victim’s ‘fault’, if it can be defined as such, has become the boyfriend of another’s ex. A girl of only 18, like the victim. The alleged murderer has two years more: it was himself, 20 years old from Parma, … Read more

Jakub Bierzyński on voting on the EU Reconstruction Fund: The Left got amnesia

“Kaczyński was against the wall, because all governments are based on money, and populist governments are based on money in a special way” “The left wing gave Kaczyński a lifeline. From a deep defensive – the collapse of the ruling coalition, the prospect of early elections, the weakening position of the leader of his own … Read more

Tourists will see the Colosseum from the perspective of gladiators. Reconstruction awaits the arena – ČT24 – Czech Television

Whereas previously the visitors of the Colosseum were offered a view of the cellars, where gladiators and animals in ancient times waited for their matches, now the stage is again covered with a wooden surface, similar to the Roman emperor Flavius. However, it will not be sprinkled with sand as it was more than two … Read more

Yu Hua’s “Wencheng”: Reconstruction of Sadness

Original title: Yu Hua’s “Wencheng”: Reconstruction of Sadness “Wencheng” by Yu Hua, Beijing October Literature and Art Publishing House Nanfan Three questions about “Wencheng”: “Wencheng” is here, and Yu Hua’s grand return has attracted everyone’s attention. Nevertheless, “Wencheng” did not win unanimous praise. The controversy extends from newspapers and magazines to the faster WeChat Moments. … Read more

Libya, cooperation and military agreements: Erdogan takes over the reconstruction

Turkey has an undeclared but explicit goal, in Libya and in the Mediterranean Sea: to oust Italy entirely to its advantage. Ankara’s national interest prevails, of course. But now Rome has also entered the Turkish viewfinder. Imperative imperative, after the words of Mario Draghi at the address of the president (“Erdogan dictator”). The strategic somersault … Read more

Child bitten by a monkey in Gaia was operated on. Reconstruction ″ went very well ″

JN / Agencies April 10, 2021 at 11:09 am The child bitten on Friday by a monkey at Zoo Santo Inácio, in Vila Nova de Gaia, was operated on and is “stable and recovering”, said this Saturday, the São João Hospital, in Porto. In response to the agency Lusa, a hospital source revealed today that … Read more

“We have no historical reconstruction”: Kozlovsky presented the film “Chernobyl” | Moscow

Kozlovsky acted as a director and actor SAINT PETERSBURG, April 10, FederalPress. Actor Danila Kozlovsky presented his picture “Chernobyl” in St. Petersburg. The artist became the director and performer of the main role in the film, the media write. “We came from the heroes, because after all, we do not have a historical reconstruction, we … Read more