Active recreation of Aleksandra Szwed with her family at the seaside: bicycles, souvenir photos, standing on the head and … on SUP (PHOTOS)

Aleksandra Szwed belongs to the group of those famous faces who became recognizable as children. The actress made herself known thanks to the role Eliza in the once popular “Foster family”. Although her star has been systematically fading away since her appearances in the series, she still manages to function in the world of show … Read more

The annual BB Summer Jam – Recreation will take place with competitions, demonstrations and open-air concerts

BB-Summer-Hour-photo-Valters-Peln On August 6, “BB Summer Jam” – the annual cable wakeboarding competition with open-air concerts at its climax – will take place for the 9th time in Beberlini recreation park “BB wakepark” in Liepāja. The event is free to enjoy! “Summer is meant to be celebrated, so we look forward to seeing everyone at … Read more

Prisoners Have the Right to Recreation to Eat Nutritious

Jakarta – The House of Representatives passed the Correctional Bill into law. Its contents are not much different from the draft which was rejected in 2019, one of which contained the inmates entitled to recreation while in prison. “Prisoners have the right to education, teaching, and recreational activities as well as opportunities to develop their … Read more

What would Cyberpunk 2077 look like in Unreal Engine 5? This recreation fulfills our most spectacular dreams

A group of users reimagine the graphic benefits of Night City with an amazing result. Although Cyberpunk 2077 has suffered quite a throw hillyfrom CD Projekt RED they refuse to drop their sci-fi degree. That is why, after many months on the market, they have released a next gen update loaded with news and ensure … Read more

Past and upcoming Alzheimer Café Oisterwijk

Last time, the guest speaker was Denise Arnoldussen, geriatrician at ETZ Tilburg. The way in which the diagnosis of dementia can be made has been discussed. In the case of cognitive complaints that affect daily actions and functioning, people come to the memory clinic in the hospital through a referral from their GP to the … Read more

Recrea calls on the Prime Minister to quickly reopen the recreation rooms, before taking action

The ice rinks, karting, and swimming pools remain open, but not the paintballs, escape games and other indoor playgrounds. We now know: the victory of culture at the Council of State last week, reopening of the halls, boosts many sectors which also feel discriminated against and treated without nuance, disproportionately. it’s the turn of Récréa … Read more

two teenage girls brutally beaten by a group of other students in the playground (video)

Posted on Saturday, December 18, 2021 at 9:05 p.m. Several students were involved in a violent fight in a Limburg school on Thursday. A new scene of violence in a school was filmed and broadcast on social networks. This time, it was at the Athénée Vox in Pelt, Limburg, that two young teenage girls were … Read more

Inflation echm per wage, for five years will be the best in almost 10 years. Beat are workers in culture and recreation, on the contrary, they are more likely to make logistics workers or people

The development of the average wage in R in the last quarter of this year confirms that they must keep their appetite for the rapid number of new wolves in the dog, which is not more than six percent, on which they were quartered, which they were used to before pandemics. The reason is how … Read more

Castles, amusement parks, equestrian recreation, carriage rides, golf …: Walloon tourism offers itself a showcase of choice at the Universal Expo

The south of the country intends to attract customers with “high purchasing power”. The Dubai World Expo was originally scheduled to be held in 2020. It had to be postponed for a year due to the health crisis. Open on October 1, it will run until March 31, 2022. With 170 countries represented, the organizers … Read more

The Independence Day in Rybnik is ahead of us. What will happen •

The Independence Day celebrations on November 11, 2021 are encouraged by the authorities of the City of Rybnik and the Museum of Fr. E. Drobny. Program of the Independence Day celebrations in Rybnik: time. 10.30 – Basilica of St. st. Anthony Padewski – ceremonial holy mass in intention Homeland – folding a tribute at the … Read more