KPU Opens Recruitment for PPK and PPS for the 2024 Election, These are the Requirements

JAKARTA, – General Election Commissions (KPU) RI began recruiting members of ad hoc bodies at the sub-district level (District Election Committee/PPK) and kelurahan (Voting Committee/PPS). PPK recruitment takes place November 20-December 16, 2022. Meanwhile, PPS is December 18, 2022-January 16, 2023. KPU RI Human Resources Division Coordinator Parsadaan Harahap said that the number of … Read more

Recruitment for Mixed Reality Headset Project, Apple, Mixed Reality Headset Project

Apple’s mixed reality headsets are a gadget that the tech world is eagerly waiting for. There are indications that this super gadget will be released by next year. Combining Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, this headset is sure to usher in massive changes in the tech world. Apple has been working hard to make the … Read more

Membership in the PS “was never a recruitment criterion”, says Mariana Vieira da Silva’s office – Observer

The hiring of Tiago Cunha, 21 years old, recently graduated in Law and without professional experience, as assistant to Mariana Vieira da Silva, Minister of the Presidency, was based on the “suitability of the profile of the nominee to the nature of the functions of the cabinet”, being the her intense activity as a member … Read more

In Russia, after the end of the mobilization, the autumn recruitment has started

“Russia without Putin!” called the crowd! In Russia, more than 650 detainees will protest against the mobilization In Russia, immediately after the conclusion of the so-called partial mobilization, during which the Kremlin planned to conscript 300,000 people, the autumn conscription began on November 1, and in the course of it another 120,000 could be conscripted. … Read more

“Wagner” has significantly lowered the recruitment criteria, reports London

“Wagner” leader Yevgeny Prigozhin may be considering using the young fighters to create the so-called “Wagner line” in Russian defense positions in eastern Ukraine, according to the intelligence service. Data published by the Russian human rights protection organizations “” and “Sedoša Krievzeme”, as well as the Fund for the Protection of Prisoners’ Rights show that … Read more

Zhou Xingchi updated IG dynamic view post to reveal the progress of talent recruitment | Xingye | Epoch Times

[Epoch Times, October 26, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia) Those who have never used any social software beforeStephen Chow(Star Lord), after opening an Instagram (IG) account on the 18th, it was updated again on the 24threcruit talentdynamic. In the photo, he carefully checked more than 500 application posts, and also revealed that there … Read more

Minister Nadiem bluntly Responds to Complaints about the Recruitment of Teacher Teacher Training and Education

Jakarta – Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Mendikbudristek) Nadiem Makarim responded to complaints related to PPK teacher recruitment which was conveyed by school principals from the Motivating School Program (PSP) for the Pontianak City and Kubu Raya Districts, Monday (24/10/2022). One of the principals of the driving school said that the formation of … Read more

ISW: The end of Putin’s mobilization coincides with the fall recruitment

With the announcement of the end of the mobilization in “about two weeks”, Vladimir Putin probably wants to free the bureaucratic machine, which should take over the regular fall recruiting class. The campaign is expected to start from November 1. This was reported by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). Analysts point out … Read more

Public competitions: here are all the news for recruitment in the PA

3/8 © IPA / Photogram I bandi they will no longer be published in the Official Gazette, but on the InPa portal. Furthermore, from the first selective test of candidates to the time of hiring, they will not be able to pass more than 120 daysthe. From 1 July last, central administrations and independent authorities … Read more

First Check! If you enter this group, you are prioritized to become an ASN in the 2022 PPPK Recruitment – In the procurement preparation coordination meeting ASN year 2022 which was held last September, the Minister of PANRB confirmed the policy direction in recruitment This year. Based on the narrative of the Minister of PANRB Abdullah Azwar Anas, the procurement of ASN year 2022 will focus on basic services, namely: guru and health … Read more