Famous Snapchat “Raash” offers marriage to “Reem Abdullah” in exchange for a camel or a reel … and allocates a large reward for whoever convinces her • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The famous Snapchat “Raash” sparked widespread controversy among his followers, after he offered to marry the actress Reem Abdullah, giving her the right to choose in determining the value of the dowry. The value of the dowry “Raash” said, in a video he posted on his official account on “Snap”: “Your father addressed … Read more

Houdini | Student Reel – DIGITAL PRODUCTION

An experiment We recently read something cool in the current pharmacy review: According to leading sociologists, it is probably the case that women are more interested in education than men. We think, however, that lifelong learning is not an issue exclusively for women. But we want to test that, lure the male readership with a … Read more

Marta Chávarri and her photo without panties that made a financial empire reel

It was very close to Valentine’s Day in 1989 when the then director general of ONCE, Miguel Duran, He received a call in his office on Prado Street in Madrid, one step away from the Congress of Deputies and the Palace Hotel. On the other end of the phone he heard the voice of Alberto … Read more