Russia tightens punishments: soldiers who refuse to fight – up to 10 years in prison

According to these amendments to the Russian Criminal Code, desertion from a military unit during mobilization or martial law will be punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Under the current law, the maximum prison sentence was 5 years. Soldiers who voluntarily surrender to the enemy also face up to 10 years in prison, … Read more

Why Did Hitler Refuse to Pay Off Germany’s Debt to Tribal Countries? page all – Tragic fate German The losers of World War I were determined by the victors of the war. The country must also bear debt which is very heavy. Debt The jumbo emerged from the Treaty of Versailles in which the Allies charged large reparations. Collect Indonesian DW, before the Treaty of Versailles was signed, … Read more

Vegaclub calls on women: refuse sex with flesh-eating men | Inland

Sex strike to force men to eat plant-based food AMSTERDAM – Animal rights club PETA calls on women to reject their covetous husbands in bed as long as they still eat meat. The international organization wants to use a sex strike to force men to switch to plant-based foods and thus reduce their ‘climate footprint’.

Why does the German legend refuse to sell Maradona’s shirt?

Normal Ask “Gulf” September 17, 2022 13:20 pm Follow up: Dhamia FalehGerman legend Lothar Matthaus, 61, revealed his strong attachment to Argentine legend Diego Maradona’s shirt, and said, “I would not have sold it, even for 7 million pounds.” Matthews had two opportunities to benefit from his friendship with Maradona: the first in 1986, when … Read more

Russia must send the wounded back to war. The reinforcements refuse to fight

“Soldiers of the 5th separate tank brigade of the 36th army (from Ulan-Ude) who write requests for release from service due to the fact that they do not want to continue participating in the fighting in Ukraine, are being released from service without any service. Soldiers from the brigade stationed in Ukraine only get time … Read more

VIDEO. The people of Russia refuse to believe the news about the retreat of the Russian army in Kharkiv

15:35, 14 September 2022 Russians are expressing deep skepticism about their army’s sudden retreat in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, where they have abandoned tanks, armored vehicles and artillery in the past week fleeing Ukrainian forces. Residents encountered appear to have heard the news, but most Current Time respondents refuse to admit that Ukraine could have regained … Read more

Trump reportedly said he would refuse to leave the White House. 40 advisers are being summoned following the election fraud allegations.

– I’m simply not going to leave here, Donald Trump said to one of his people in the White House, according to a new book. At the same time, the investigation into the 2020 election scandal is gathering pace. Former US President Donald Trump attended a rally in Pennsylvania earlier this month. He keeps hinting … Read more

Lavrov, we do not refuse negotiations but there are complications – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, 11 SEPTEMBER – Russia “does not reject” the negotiations with Ukraine, but there are some “delays that complicate the process” of negotiations. This was stated by Foreign Minister Serghei Lavrov quoted by the Tass news agency. (ANSA). REPRODUCTION RESERVED © Copyright ANSA <![CDATA[]]> Get the embed code <![CDATA[]]>

In Transnistria – a spy for the Russians: local residents refuse to join the army, the number of defectors is increasing

The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine announces that the residents of Transnistria are refusing to join the Russian army, despite Russian promises: cash payments, social packages and possible provision of housing. The main reason for the refusal is the reluctance to participate in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. In addition, many “volunteers” who decided … Read more