The regeneration of neurons in the brain allows memorization during sleep

THE ESSENTIAL It is neurogenesis in the hippocampus, the area of ​​the brain where memory is stored, that is the key to nocturnal memorization. It is the new adult neurons, with higher plasticity than the old ones, that allow learning during sleep. Japanese researchers have come to understand how our brains work to memorize and … Read more

New discovery on tissue regeneration after severe burns

THE ESSENTIAL The research team has identified a new category of specific cells in the dermis. Genetically modified, these progenitor cells could allow the development of a treatment for regeneration of the skin after a serious burn. Will people who have suffered severe burns and / or a large part of their body soon be … Read more

Hair care: hair water helps skin Regeneration of the head

Many have asked the question in the drugstore or in the supermarket on the shelf with care products for the hair surely: What is actually hair water well? Unlike the Name suggests, it is mainly for the scalp as well. Darmstadt (dpa/tmn) – hair of the water is particularly popular with men. What can it … Read more