Bad Bunny will be actor and producer in the movie “American Sole”

Bad Bunny will begin a stage as an actor and producer in the movie “American Sole”. / Photo: Courtesy It seems that the Bad Rabbit has not had enough success in the world of reggaeton with songs like “Callaita” and “Dakiti”, because now a new stage will begin by being Bad Bunny actor and producer … Read more

“Karol G is the model for Colombians who want to be great in music”

Juan Luis Rocera Luna, better known as Wisin, is known for being one of the most important exponents of reggaeton. In Colombia he became known with the group Wisin & Yandel where he popularized songs such as Rakata, Call me to see you, Pam pam, among others. Since 2004 he has presented several projects as … Read more

Bad Bunny is the Latino most nominated at the American Music Awards

After sweeping the Latin Billboards, Bad Bunny is shaping up to win the American Music Awards. / Photo: Archive This 2020 has been a great year in the career of Bad Bunny, who has just added another achievement to his career as the artist with the most nominations in the new Latin section presented by … Read more

Will Smith’s wife danced tasty reggaeton

Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor’s wife Will Smith, showed that even if he is American, he has the Caribbean flavor through his veins, that’s why he wiggled to the rhythm of reggaeton. The actress, producer and businesswoman took advantage of the networks to post a video where she began to dance reggaeton, specifically the subject … Read more

Video of Juan Manuel Santos dancing reggaeton with his granddaughter Celeste

In the video, which was published by Esteban Santos — María Antonia’s brother and the ex-president’s youngest son— appears Juan Manuel Santos with the little girl who is excited by the choreography of a reggaeton that, in the recording, is done by an alien. Celeste holds onto a chair while trying to follow the animated … Read more

Arturo Vidal and his children take to the web dancing reggaeton

Arturo vidal enjoys his role as a father to the fullest, especially after his separation with Marité Matus. The selected one no longer lives with their children and it is for this reason that he makes the most of every moment he shares with them. Evidence of this is the last publication he shared through … Read more

Ricardo Arjona: “I am not an enemy of reggaeton, I am not at odds with their stories”

A monologue that underwent a metamorphosis … Ricardo Arjona had in front of him, on his computer screen, 90 media representatives from Spain and Latin America, including LISTÍN DIARIO. It took him a long time from a studio in Miami to tell how he got to “Blanco y negro”, his new production, consisting of two … Read more

Reggaeton player El Dany of the famous Cuban duet “Yomil y El Dany” loses his life at age 31

Reggaeton player El Dany of the famous Cuban duet “Yomil y El Dany” loses his life at age 31 | Instagram The Damage, member of the duet “Yomil and El Dany” lost his life last Saturday morning at age 31, reported close sources Daniel Muñoz Borrego, better known by his stage name The Damage, was … Read more

The world of reggaetn cries: El Dany died

Daniel Muoz Borrego, better known popularly as The Damagedied yesterday in the hospital Calixto Garca. Medical sources reported, unofficially, that he suffered a paro cardaco after several days in hospital and under treatment for swelling and pain in the legs. State media blamed the death on an “acute cardiovascular condition,” while other voices reported kidney … Read more