Elly Schlein’s heart beats on the island: the partner is Sardinian | Front page, Region

The new Pd secretary Elly Schlein is engaged to a girl. For the first time Diva & Donna has given a face and a definition to those around her. Her name is Paola, she is 28 years old and she is Sardinian. Far from the world of politics, she has lived in Bologna for some … Read more

prof. Dr. Tetanus, measles and chickenpox warning from Alpay Azap to the earthquake region

Turkish Clinical Microbiology and Infection Society (KLİMİK) Board Member Prof. Dr. Alpay Azap drew attention to the earthquake victims who migrated to other cities from the earthquake region and said that those who go to other provinces from the region should register with the family health centers in the places they go as soon as … Read more

Alert! BMKG Juanda Issues Early Warning for Heavy Rain and Strong Winds for the East Java Region

Sidoarjo, tvOnenews.com – Entering the mass transition or transition from the rainy season to the dry season, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Juanda issued an early warning to increase alertness for bad weather, strong winds and heavy rain accompanied by lightning for the next few days in the East Java region. This was … Read more

After twenty years, the Iraq war still causes instability in the region | Abroad

21 mrt 2023 om 19:58Update: 2 dagen geleden The invasion of Iraq started on March 20, 2003, led by the United States. Twenty years later, NU.nl looks back. Experts say that the war actually made the region more unstable and that the effects are still being felt. Twenty years ago on Monday, American and British … Read more

Payments paused to doctors on the national rate in Region Stockholm

Jan Albo. Photo: Privat – During all the years that I have worked, I have had excellent contact with the region, but since maybe five, six years ago I definitely experience a difference, says Jaan Albo. He is one of the three neurologists working at the national tax office in Stockholm who recently received a … Read more

it is the worst region of Italy

Less and less, but with an increase in annual deaths that far exceeds that of all the other Italian regions. In 2012, 15,887 deaths were recorded in Sardinia in the space of 12 months. Ten years later, in 2022, there were 20,524. The increase is 29.18%. A third more. Percentage to which other territories of … Read more

Lublin112.pl – News from Lublin and the region. Important information from the country

In one of the towns of the Lubartów poviat, there was a dangerous-looking road accident involving a wild animal. The driver of the Volkswagen was very lucky. This dangerous road accident took place last Thursday evening in Kaznów-Kolonia. Emergency services received a report of a collision between a passenger vehicle and a deer. Preliminary findings … Read more

MOST WANTED. Suleyman Betelguiriev (29) murdered Mikey (19) on the Bruges Market: “He is having a good time in Chechnya” | Popular in HLN+ REGION

Camera images in the Bruges city center show how Suleyman Betelguiriev (29) sprints away after stabbing Mikey Peeters (19) to death in 2014. The Chechen will be imprisoned for 30 years, but there is no trace of him at the trial. Meanwhile, the perpetrator is still on the run. Who is the man behind the … Read more

Poland will deploy HIMARS systems next to the Kaliningrad region

The minister reminded that part of the division is located near the border with Kaliningrad region. “Since [Krievijas prezidents Vladimirs] Determined to restore the evil empire, Putin attacks his neighbors. Our task, the task of the Polish authorities, is to strengthen the Polish armed forces so that Putin cannot attack Poland,” the minister was quoted … Read more