They endorse the extradition of brothers Rafael and Enrique Noguera for drug trafficking

The Supreme Court of Justice and the Ministry of Justice approved the extradition to the United States of business brothers Rafael and Enrique Noguera, for crimes related to drug trafficking. The extraditable are accused of being part of a drug trafficking network made up of more than 11 people, among them former officials of the … Read more

War of exclusives (seven) on Isabel Pantoja and relatives

Among all the juicy exclusive information about Isabel Pantoja that cover the covers this Wednesday, the one of Hi. The publication is the only one that publishes the reaction of the singer to everything that is happening in a report that does not include an interview, but that deep down is the closest thing to … Read more

Barcelona creates support groups for relatives of those killed by covid-19

The Councilor for Health of the Barcelona City Council, Gemma Party, has underlined this Tuesday something that can be perceived in the environment: the feeling that people had about the coronavirus health crisis in March is not the same as it is now. “During the first wave, people experienced uncertainty, fear. In the second, the … Read more

Hospice Sankt Felix in Neustadt / WN: Women donate handicrafts for the dying and their relatives

Image: Gabi Schönberger Wanting to do something good with needlework (from left to right) Inge Plößner, hospice manager Susanne Wagner, Sabine Dachauer and Gerda Striegl. The self-made things can be purchased in the Hospice Sankt Felix for a donation. “> Wanting to do something good with needlework (from left to right) Inge Plößner, hospice manager … Read more

The congress of people with cancer and their families addresses the disease in the pandemic

The congress of people with cancer and their families addresses the disease in the pandemic The Provincial Board of the Balearic Islands of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) presented yesterday at its headquarters in Palma the second edition of the Congress of People with Cancer and Relatives of the archipelago, which will be held … Read more

Lawyers’ relatives ask for justice; they take the body to Xalapa

The Justice asked the relatives of Edmunda Adela Martínez, a lawyer from Veracruz, who was beaten and lynched along with a man by neighbors who accused them of trying to rob a minor in the municipality Sao Nicolau Buenos Aires. Érica Martínez, daughter of the victim, asked the state authorities that the murder of her … Read more

Gets ‘foolish’ with relatives

Jaime was accused of disturbing public order at his home. Accused of disturbing order at his home, a neighbor of the Patricia Blizzard neighborhood was detained by elements of the Municipal Police, who took him behind bars.The detainee, upon arriving at the Municipal Command, identified himself as Jaime Adrián Escalante Hernández, 31 years old, who … Read more

Relatives are exposed to COVID-19 in hospitals in Venezuela – In Spanish

Relatives of patients with coronavirus await authorization to visit their relatives in the COVID-19 unit of the José Gergorio Hernández Hospital in Caracas on October 4, 2020. The hospital is overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis in Venezuela and Family members of COVID patients bring them food, clothing, sheets and bathe them … Read more

Weapon of jewelry thieves were some photos

“In fact, there was no use of firearms. Employees were intimidated with photographs of relatives ”. That was the method that five men used on Sunday afternoon to steal the Moderna jewelry store, whose facilities are located within the Buenavista I Shopping Center, located on Carrera 52 with Calle 98, Riomar neighborhood, in the north … Read more

Telefe celebrates: the relatives of the famous “MasterChef” gave a historical beating to El Trece

Today there was a truly special gala in «MasterChef Celebrity». Is that the participants of the kitchen reality show Telefe they were accompanied by a relative. Although the production of the gastronomic contest expected a good rating, the “companions” of the famous completely broke all the numbers. Even the proposal of the channel of the … Read more