Genoa dies after the removal of a mole. “Operated on a kitchen table” – Chronicle

Genoa, 20 April 2021 – A story still to be clarified with accusations – obviously all to be proved – very ugly, those aimed at a doctor and a so-called ‘holy man’. According to the accusatory setting, they would have caused the death of a girl occurred time after the removal of a neo, which … Read more

“Spring fat removal” Lee Ha-ni’s abs and Ryu Seung-ryong “great”[★SNS]

[스포츠서울 조현정기자] Actress Lee Ha-Nui radiated bright energy by revealing her body stiffened through exercise. On the 14th, Lee Ha-ni posted a photo on her Instagram with a post saying, “Don’t get weaker at times like this! The released photo shows Lee Ha-Nui smiling brightly with her arms raised. The khaki sportswear top and leggings … Read more

Martyna Wojciechowska announces a REMOVAL, posing in a new wardrobe: “Mission completed” (PHOTO)

Relationship Martyna Wojciechowska and Przemysław Kossakowski from the very beginning it aroused a lot of emotions. The traveler relatively rarely talks about her private life in the media, so her relationship with her “colleague” flourished away from prying eyes. With time Martyna Wojciechowska i Przemek Kossakowski they began to pose more and more willingly on … Read more

Regarding the removal of the luxury car plate that is blocking the fire, this is said Dirlantas

The Bali Police Ditlantas approached the luxury car driver who was suspected of blocking the Denpasar Damkar Car. (BP / Special) DENPASAR, – The driver of a luxury car blocking the Denpasar Fire Brigade car when he was about to carry out a blackout task has been found. The Bali Police Ditlantas has also … Read more

Careful! Calcium chloride, a solution for street snow removal, is found in cheeses

Numerous assortments of cheese with starch, calcium chloride, citric acid, sodium nitrate and natamycin were found in stores. The Pro Consumers Association (APC) purchased 34 types of cheese from supermarkets, in order to conduct a study to draw attention to the distortion of cheeses with an impact on the budget and health of consumers.The analyzes … Read more

the police stop the search, the witness still in shock, “what I saw was abnormal”

Posted on Sunday, March 7, 2021 at 12:35 p.m. By Jean-Michel Manderick The day after the testimony of a resident of Dottignies, who saw a young girl and her dog taken “abnormally” in a white van rue de la Teinturerie, the police confirm that no complaint has been filed, and that ‘no disappearance has been … Read more

the removal of geriatric diapers is allowed to the disabled

The Government expanded the coverage of geriatric diapers for people with disabilities, through the Programa Farmácia Popular. The ordinance of the Ministry of Health was published last Monday (10) in the Official Gazette and represents great news for an important portion of the population. “This is a wise decision by the government, bringing benefits to … Read more

Tax, balance hypothesis and removal of folders under 5 thousand euros

(Adnkronos) It is being studied by the government the hypothesis of a ‘balance and excerpt’ for bills of less than 5 thousand euros. According to Adnkronos, the option is on the executive table along with other proposals to allow those who are able to do so to regularize some positions and at the same time … Read more

Facebook regulator assesses the removal of Zwarte Pietenvideo

Facebook’s supervisory board has announced two new things to look into. One of those cases concerns a deleted Dutch video in which two men can be seen dressed as Zwarte Piet. The other case concerns the suspension of former US President Trump from the platform. The supervisory board was established in the autumn to assess … Read more