Gancharenko told why he “boiled” at the end of the RPL match with Dynamo and received a removal

Photo: © Edgar Breshchanov / Match TV The head coach of the Yekaterinburg “Urals” Viktor Gancharenko said that he “boiled” at the end of the match of the 20th round of the MIR of the Russian Premier League (RPL) with the Moscow “Dynamo” due to an unnoticed handball of one of the “white and blue” … Read more

Removal of blood infection marking from medical records

In the case of blood infection, the patient’s medical record was previously marked in the form of a comment in the attention information (warning box). Formally, there is no legal requirement for this. The Director of Health and Medical Services in Region Stockholm made a decision to remove blood infection markings in the patient records … Read more

LG raises the bar for dust removal in the home. Send a vacuum cleaner LG CordZero model A9T-ULTRA

Company?LG?Electronics?(Thailand)?Co.,Ltd. A global leader in home appliance innovation development. Deliver innovative cordless vacuum cleaner LG CordZero(TM), model A9T-ULTRA, characterized by an All-in-One Tower(TM) design that allows convenient storage of cleaning accessories within the charging base. With an automatic dust removal system that solves the problem of dust spreading while cleaning the dust bin Powered by … Read more

Academics are given national responsibility for the removal of pacemaker and defibrillator electrodes

– The permit is proof that the University Hospital has a high level of competence in this area. With increased concentration of care, we can maintain and possibly increase volumes, which is beneficial for patients and contributes to more equal care nationally, says Priit Teder, senior physician in cardiology, Akademiska sjukhuset. The national mission includes … Read more

The Ukrainian government sent letters to Sony, MS, and Valve requesting the global removal of the Russian-made game Atomic Heart

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov sent an official letter to Sony, Microsoft and Valve, asking them to remove “Atomic Heart” (Atomic Heart), saying that Russia uses the game industry to carry out “a new level of digital propaganda”, worrying about the game Proceeds go to fund the Russo-Ukraine war. … Read more

WhatsApp will introduce three incredible useful features that users have been waiting for years

<!– Евгений Черкесов –> 09 March 2023 09:4509 Mar 2023 09:45 | Share WhatsApp for Android and iOS will have the ability to mute incoming calls from unknown numbers and automatically delete long-overdue group chats dedicated, for example, to a long-past event. Along with this, the messenger will have an advanced text editor with support … Read more

Social security implications of the removal of roles up to a thousand euros – Fiscal Focus

As known, article 1, paragraphs 222-230, of the 2023 Budget Law (Law 197/2022) provides for the automatic write-off of debts of up to 1,000 euros. The effects of this measure must be carefully evaluated by the potential beneficiaries, where social security payments are omitted. The Central Revenue Department of the INPS intervened on this point, … Read more

European armies are looking for tanks for Ukraine. The Germans have allowed the removal of ‘their’ leopards, but the deliveries are delayed | iRADIO

More than a month has passed since Germany allowed other European countries to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Countries like Poland needed Berlin’s permission to export the machines, because they are German-made technology. But the American newspaper New York Times writes that the intention to deliver tanks to the country affected by the war is … Read more

Ashraf Sobhi settles the controversy over the removal of Mortada Mansour

Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, revealed the ministry’s position on canceling Mortada Mansour’s membership from Zamalek Club, after confirming his one-month imprisonment sentence in the case of insulting Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly. Sobhi said, during statements on the “Sad Al-Balad” channel: “The board of directors of Zamalek has the right to make … Read more