La Nación / The PLRA lawyer is removed from the crime of Rodrigo Quintana

The criminal judge of Guarantees Hilda Benítez Vallejos settled with costs the exception for lack of action opposed by Fabián Ramírez Mora on behalf of the victim’s heir and excludes Guillermo Duarte Cacavelos. The criminal judge of Guarantees Hilda Benítez Vallejos excluded the lawyers Guillermo Duarte Cacavelos and Santiago Lovera in the case of intentional … Read more

Yankees removed from list: MLB unveiled Gold Glove winners

Puerto Rican Javier Báez was one of the winners. Foto: Stacy Revere / Getty Images MLB announced the winners of the Golden Glove it’s from the season 2020, distinction reserved for the best defenders of the campaign and the Bronx Bombers were conspicuous by their absence, after the Colombian Giovanny Urshela did not reach his … Read more

Rulings of the Package (II): Cuban video clips removed from television (+ Podcast)

Outside the mass media, conditioned by the institutional and centralized cultural policy, the video clips of the Package circulate in Cuba, which are renewed weekly with 15, 20 or 25 titles, in such a way that they express the existence of a kind of completely situated audiovisual industry, like independent cinema, in niches far from … Read more

Indigenous Minga: interview with Hermes Pete, senior advisor of the Indigenous Regional Council – Politics

In the midst of the indigenous minga that travels through the country and plans to arrive this Friday in Ibagué and on Monday in Bogotá, Hermes Pete, senior advisor of the Indigenous Regional Council (CRIC), spoke with EL TIEMPO and pointed out what biosecurity measures are they are drinking, he referred to the videos showing … Read more

Why Apple Removed These Chemicals From iPhone 12

(Photo: Brooks Kraft / Apple Inc./Reuters)Apple unveiled the new line of its most relevant devices, the iPhone 12, in an ad that it was not without controversy among users, as it eliminated some accessories that were included with the phone, such as the charger and the headphones; However, this new range of smartphones also excluded … Read more

what they are, what they were for and why have you removed them

The electronic devices that we use on a daily basis incorporate some undesirable chemical elements inside them. Although they are usually present in small amounts that pose no risk for our health, we are interested to know that some when released have a proven carcinogenic capacity. Others have a detrimental impact on the environment due to their polluting potential. And some are difficult to recycle. For all this there is no doubt that, as far as possible, it is preferable to stop using them.

Little by little, some manufacturers of electronic devices are becoming aware of their responsibility towards their customers and the environment, but those who still maintain a suspicious silence show that in this area there is still a lot of work to do. During the presentation of your new iPhone 12, Apple said it has removed five components from these mobile phones as part of your environmental care program.

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The Facebook app for Windows 10 has been removed forever from the Microsoft Store

Facebook has permanently withdrawn its official application for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store. It’s something that they had informed last February, but that is now a fact. If we search the app directly in the store, we will only find third-party clients.

Representatives of both Facebook and Microsoft confirmed the disappearance of the app and they simply recommended using the browser to enter the social network. Besides this, Facebook confirmed that it has no plans to launch a new app in the future.

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Ashley Tisdale removed her breast implants and told the reason

Ashley Tisdale is one of Disney’s highly remembered characters. The actress was part of shows like “Zac and Cody” and also playing Sharpay in “High School Musical”. Nowadays, the actress is 35 years oldsy is very popular through his social networks. In fact, on Instagram she has more than 12 million followers. And it was … Read more

Andre Rosiade asks Ahok to be removed after dismantling Pertamina’s disgrace: causing a commotion!

Jakarta – Member of Commission VI DPR RI Andre Rosiade ask President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) take off Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (BTP) or Ahok from the position of Chief Commissioner (Komut) PT Pertamina (Persero). Andre assessed that Ahok had made Pertamina noisy. “In my opinion, as a member of the House of Representatives Commission VI, the … Read more