A 100% positive platformer and a quirky RPG are being removed from Steam. Last chance to buy Mike Dies and Dark Scavenger

Games are periodically removed from Steam. The studio announced the closure, which threatens the availability of its games in the free sale on Steam Psydra Games has announced its closure. The studio has a couple of games on Steam that they plan to remove from sale on Steam in the near future. Platformer Mike Dies … Read more

He wanted to look like a “black alien”. He removed the ears and cut the tongue

The 34-year-old’s body is getting more and more deformed every year. The man has no nostrils, even parts of his fingers have been removed, and ink has been injected into his eyeballs. Frenchman Anthony Loffredo documents his transformation on social media and already has over a million followers. Many wonder where is the limit of … Read more

Harry Potter films to be removed from Russian online cinemas

Frame from the movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” Franchises «Harry Potter” and “fantastic beastswill be removed from Russian online cinemas from February 1. It is reported by RBC with reference to the press service of Amediateka. “The licensing rights for this specific content, the Harry Potter films, are scheduled to expire on January … Read more

Can Hemorrhoids Be Removed Just by Consuming Apples Regularly?

Apples are a good source of fiber for hemorrhoid survivors. GridHEALTH.id – Treat hemorrhoid You don’t always have to use drugs with chemical ingredients. Sometimes, changing your lifestyle is also effective enough to overcome this health problem. This can be started for example by eating apples. Benefits of Apples for Hemorrhoids Eating high-fiber foods is … Read more

The phrases that Shakira removed from her song against Piqué to prevent him from taking legal action – Culture

Shakira is in the center of attention after his break with Gerard Piqué. What has been strengthened since it has launched songs directly dedicated to the footballer. His collaboration with Bizarrap has been the most striking, but he had already dedicated his two previous songs to the father of his children: ‘I congratulate you’ and … Read more

Removed Minister of Village PDTT, but Still Wants to Extend Term of Office for 9 Years

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The Central Leadership Council (DPP) of the Association of Indonesian Village Governments (Apdesi), the DPP of the Association of National Village Consultative Bodies (Abpednas), and the National Leadership Council (DPN) of the Indonesian Village Apparatus Association (PPDI) held a press conference in Jakarta on Monday (23/ 1/2023). They made several requests related … Read more

President Director of Bank Sumut Officially Removed, Board of Commissioners Nets and Selection of Substitute Candidates

TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM, MEDAN– Rahmat Fadillah Pohan official removed from his position as Main Director of Bank Sumut. Uninstall Rahmat Fadillah Pohan ratified at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) of Bank Sumut. The Corporate Secretary of the Bank of North Sumatra, Agus Condro Wibowo said, Rahmat Fadillah Pohan honorably discharged as Director of the Bank … Read more

From which Piqué was saved: Shakira removed some verses from her new song, because they were very strong

Almost a week after its launch, “Session 53” continues to make Shakira’s career go off in style and, After seeing the success that has been achieved, it is the author of the song who gives some details of the composition process. Keityn commented in an interview for Molusco Tv that The Colombian was the one … Read more

Super fast internet is also being installed super fast, and that causes problems: “Pyramids must be removed”

© BELGIUM It started with complaints about unannounced broken open driveways and hastily closed streets afterwards. In the meantime, an investigation into abuses at the yard is underway. The company that had to prepare our country for superfast internet in record time is off to a false start. “The pyramid of subcontractors must be removed,” … Read more

Gražulis was removed from the municipal council elections: he lost his chance to run for the post of mayor

“Regarding the election deposit, I want to say that (…) Petras Gražulis – he is nominated both for the mayor of Vilnius city and for the council. As I mentioned, candidates who are appointed as councilors and hold incompatible positions had to pay a double deposit of 1,598 euros twice. We do not have such … Read more