“Apex Heroes” S14 Valkyrie is greatly weakened + the gold shield is removed from the pull, S13 data shows that the number of diamond master points has plummeted | 4Gamers

Respawn Studios took a swipe at the Season 13 ‘Salvation Hero’ this MayMajor overhaul of the rules for the points gamethe purpose is to hope that players will compete for Rank points and battles with “Play for the Team” and “Play for the Win”. According to the official update announcement, in addition to stating that … Read more

Inspector General Sambo Cs Removed, Investigation on Brigadier J’s Case Smoothly

Sunday, August 7, 2022 – 08:34 WIB National VIVA – Member Kompolnas Albertus Wahyurudhanto appreciated the decision by the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo to remove the position of Inspector General of Police Ferdy Sambo as Kadiv Propam Polri and a number of Polri officers related to the death of Brigadi Nofriansyah Yosua … Read more

WhatsApp | The trick to know which people the administrator removed from a group chat | Technology | Groups | iOS | nnda | nnni | SPORT-PLAY

WhatsApp it allowed you to know which contacts had been removed from a group because in the same conversation it would appear: “(X person) has been removed by (name of the administrator)”, a detail that was lost over time the more activity there was in the chat; however, now the aforementioned messaging application will offer … Read more

The cover was removed from the engineering sample of the Core i9-13900

Chinese tech blog Expreview posted a video with the removal of the heat-distributing cover from the engineering sample of the flagship Intel Core i9-13900 processor. The video of the process confirmed that the increase in the number of energy-efficient Gracemont cores in the processor significantly increased the total die area compared to its predecessor. Image … Read more

What is Yanma Police? Inspector General Sambo’s new office location after being removed by the National Police Chief

Jakarta – What is Yanma Police? This is a question that is sought after by the latest news regarding the list of police officers who were transferred due to the case of Brigadier J alias Brigadier Joshua. It is known that Inspector General Ferdy Sambo has been transferred to Pati Yanma Polri. To find out … Read more

The case of Brigadier J, this is the role of 2 police officers besides Ferdy Sambo who was also removed by the National Police Chief

Friday, August 5, 2022 07:55 WIB The National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo conveyed the latest news on the investigation into the police shooting case at the house of the Head of the Propam Police Division Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, National Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Monday, July 18 2022. This decision was taken by the … Read more

After the flood of increases, the 5 cheapest cars in Egypt

04:55 PM Thursday 04 August 2022 The 5 cheapest cars in Egypt Books – Muhammad Jamal: Many citizens in the Egyptian car market are looking for the cheapest models, which are commensurate with their financial capabilities without looking at the materials or luxuries that characterize the car. Despite the unprecedented rises in car prices in … Read more

After 2 Years Dead STNK Removed, Vehicle So Stupid Forever

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The National Samsat Authority will enforce regulations that already exist but have never been implemented, namely deleting vehicle registration data that has been registered vehicle registrationwas left to die for two years. After deleting the vehicle data, it cannot be registered again, this has been regulated in the Act. The rules … Read more

Transport Online – Trailer chassis torn on both sides, trailer removed [+foto’s]

DÜSSELDORF – A road user called the police around 4:30 pm on Monday afternoon when he saw a striking ‘arch-shaped’ semi-trailer driving on the A46 in the direction of Heinsburg. The police went and stopped the tractor and trailer at the Norf interchange to check it. The officers couldn’t believe their eyes when they checked … Read more

Rows of Positions of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo who were removed

Jakarta – Inspector General Ferdy Sambo has been deactivated from a number of positions held after a shootout incident between aides at his official residence. The deactivated positions range from the Head of the Propam Police Division to the Head of the Special Task Force (Kasatgassus). The position of Kasatgassus held by Ferdy Sambo was … Read more