We have completed the second filling of the Renaissance Dam with a value of 13.5 billion… and experts respond with a surprise!

Last Thursday, the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that The second filling of the Renaissance Dam was done in the quantity that was previously scheduled, which is 13.5 billion cubic meters, adding that this filling did not harm Egypt and Sudan, but they – that is, the two countries – do not want to … Read more

What is the truth about the video of Ethiopians celebrating the “alleged filling” of the Renaissance Dam?

02:49 PM Saturday 24 July 2021 Addis Ababa – (AFP): Users of social networking sites transmitted a video clip whose publishers claimed it depicts the celebration of the Ethiopians announcing their country’s alleged success in the second stage of the process of filling the Renaissance Dam. However, the claim is wrong, and the video actually … Read more

Renaissance Dam: Russia denies its cooperation with Ethiopia at the expense of the downstream countries, and in Iraq, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, announces the arrest of the perpetrators of the Sadr City bombing

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that attempts to link military-technical cooperation with Ethiopia to the negotiating process between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia on the Renaissance Dam for hydroelectric power generation “raise astonishment” and called for not politicizing the construction of the dam in order to avoid any possible escalation of tension between the three countries … Read more

Renaissance, when upcycling parades in Drouot

Based in Villejuif, the association which teaches creation to apprentice couturiers in reintegration presented its collection in the walls of the Parisian auction house on Monday. This Monday evening, 7 p.m. Under the last rays of a blazing sun, a crowd gathered in front of the doors of the Drouot auction house (Paris 9e). They … Read more

It may remove it from existence .. The former Minister of Irrigation explains the dangers of the Renaissance Dam

10:00 am Monday 19 July 2021 Books – Ahmed Massad: A number of experts confirmed that the absence of information and data and the failure to reach a binding agreement regarding the filling and operation of the Renaissance Dam will negatively affect the Sudanese Roseires dam, which is the closest dam to the “Renaissance,” which … Read more

Water Resources Professor: The flood crosses the Renaissance Dam within two days and the waters

12:11 AM Monday 19 July 2021 I wrote – Sahar Azzam: Dr. Abbas Sharaki, professor of geology and water resources, said that Ethiopia could not achieve its goals by filling 13.5 billion cubic meters of water in the second storage of the Renaissance Dam, and that it only filled 3 billion cubic meters. Sharaki added, … Read more

Egypt renews its request for international participation in the Renaissance Dam negotiations

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Minister of Irrigation, affirmed Egypt’s keenness to complete the Renaissance Dam negotiations to reach a fair and binding legal agreement for all that meets the aspirations of all countries in development. During his current visit to the Congo, Abdel-Aty stressed Egypt’s constants in preserving its water rights and achieving benefit for all … Read more

Has Cairo exhausted its peaceful options to resolve the “Renaissance Dam” crisis? ..

04:30 AM Friday 16 July 2021 Books – Ahmed Massad: Amidst a state of anticipation and anxiety; Everyone is still watching the crisis of the “Renaissance Dam” file between a supporter of political positions and demands for decisive action, and some are wondering whether Cairo has exhausted its diplomatic solutions? “Peaceful efforts are still going … Read more

Renaissance Dam.. Mustafa El-Feki: The position of Russia and America will change if Israel is convinced of the need to support Egypt

Hadeel Hilal Posted on: Wednesday, July 14, 2021 – 12:16 AM | Last update: Wednesday, July 14, 2021 – 12:18 AM Dr. Moustafa El-Feki, President of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, said that holding a Security Council session on the Renaissance Dam aims to mobilize international mobilization for the current situation in the file, describing it as … Read more

The latest picture of the Renaissance Dam .. Ethiopia stores the first billion in the second filling

The latest satellite image revealed the technical situation to bridge the renaissance After Ethiopia announced the start of the second filling. Today, Tuesday, satellites showed that the level of the dam’s lake reached 568 meters above sea level, an increase of about one billion cubic meters over last year’s storage, which was estimated at 5 … Read more