Quirinale, between Letta and Renzi axis on Draghi or a high profile not center-right

Listen to the audio version of the article The most important thing is that the next President of the Republic is super partes. So either Mario Draghi or a high-profile name, and not a center-right one, on which a large majority can converge. Eventually the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta and his old … Read more

Senator Renzi chooses whether to belong to the Parliament of the Italian Republic or to bodies of other states

“Dear President, the right and duty to impose on Senator Matteo Renzi the choice between belonging to the Senate itself or to promotional bodies of other states to which, by your admission, also belongs, is incumbent upon the Senate that you preside over”. Thus begins the open letter to President Casellati – whose text is … Read more

Renzi does not like Ulivetto and neither does the sovereign right (but neither nor is not enough)

Accustomed to 27 years of such a bipolarism, which today identifies itself as bipopulism, we all find it hard to think that politics can be done outside the two blocs. This is why the proposal for a new center, the political heart of Matteo Renzi’s political speech at Leopolda dell’Orgoglio – number 11 – leaves … Read more

Renzi opens the Leopolda but his dolphin Nardella goes to the “enemy” Di Maio

FROM THE ENROLLED TO FLORENCE. Seen from the sidewalk in front of the Leopolda, the Renzism crisis does not seem so serious. The polls nailed between 2 and 3% and the Open Foundation survey worry less. At seven in the evening, an hour and a half before “Matteo” begins to speak, the queue leaves from … Read more

Open case, Renzi gets a first victory in the Senate: the preliminary ruling presented by Grasso has been rejected

Matteo Renzi wins the first stage of the ‘tour’, if that is how the investigation into the Open Foundation in which the senator of Italia Viva is under investigation for concurring to illicit financing. On Tuesday evening, the Senate Immunity Council chaired by the forceist Maurizio Gasparri has in fact rejected the preliminary ruling on … Read more

Renzi challenges Conte, who slips away. Just stay away but here you have to go all the way

Matteo Renzi challenge Giuseppe Conte in single combat, which slips away. Frankly, I understand the decision not to get on main street to face the killer from Rignano, according to the principle derived from the masterful lesson of Clint-Eastwood-Sergio Leone, according to which: “when a man armed with good education meets a media thug, specialized … Read more

Quirinale, Micciché: “Berlusconi al Colle with the votes of Iv, Renzi told me.” The former premier denies. But the Ars president confirms

After the birth of the council group Forza Italia-Sicilia Futura-Italia Viva to the Sicilian Regional Assembly, the axis between forcers and Renzians also for the Colle – confirmed Monday from Marcello Dell’Utri – is made official by Gianfranco Miccichè. The Forza Italia parliamentarian and president of Ars was the protagonist of the October dinner with … Read more

In Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano of 10 November: Renzi, here is the email to pilot news and talk. Delta structure

Sui social The Israeli software for Matthew’s Beast “Don’t waste your time, go. Other than privacy. We know the names. Come on!!!”. It is September 20, 2016, the constitutional referendum is just over two months away. Matteo Renzi replies to an email from Fabio Pammolli, university professor and consultant of his government, who takes stock … Read more