There are other data President | The reporter

One day after proposing Victoria Rodríguez Ceja for governor of the Bank of Mexico, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador came to the rescue of her appointment, which was poorly received by markets and analysts in Mexico and the world, due to her inexperience in monetary policy and for doubts about the future of central bank … Read more

“Consumer deception level”… ‘Pokemon Bdasha Pearl’, bugs abound in 6 days after release → criticizing – Reporter Su-yeon Yoo

The Nintendo game ‘Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl (Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl)’ is being criticized by fans for a series of bugs within 6 days of its release. On the 25th, on various online communities, an article titled “The latest Pokemon released in 2021” was posted. <!– 애드오피 비디오 광고 2020-07-07 / 2021-07-26 제거 … Read more

She dreamed of presenting the news bulletin and became the first Egyptian female reporter to cover the World Cup… Information about Mirhan Amr, wife of Khaled Alish | album

Artist and broadcaster Khaled Alish celebrated his wedding on Friday evening, November 19, to sports broadcaster Mirhan Amr. Mirhan Amr’s name entered the trend list after photos and videos from the concert spread, and the audience searched for information about it. In this album, the most prominent information about Mirhan Amr. .

Clarissa Molina debuts as a Latin GRAMMY reporter

Univision Clarissa Molina will be part of the Latin GRAMMY 2021. With only 30 years old, the Dominican Clarissa Molina adds a new achievement to her artistic career by debuting as a reporter behind the scenes of everything that happens at the prestigious 2021 Latin GRAMMY gala. This year, for the first time, Molina was … Read more

The Question of the Reporter to the National Team Coach Stefan Kuntz Reacted: There Is Insincerity In Your Statements

The German coach replied, ‘Various reasons affect my criteria at this point or our player selection criteria in general. How many minutes they played in their club on one side, what position they played on the other, which player and which tactical opportunities open up for me. And if Yusuf wants to help us in … Read more

Having a Wealth of IDR 935.7 Trillion, This Former Reporter Kicks Jack Ma’s Position

loading… JAKARTA – List of richest people in China 2021 the Forbes version has been released. In that list, Jack Ma did not top the list of the most determined people in the Bamboo Curtain country. Launching Forbes, the richest person in China is now held by drinking water entrepreneur Nongfu Spring, Zhong Shanshan, with … Read more

Reporter: Henan team has not received Liu Jiahui’s suspension notice

Original title: Reporter: The Henan team did not receive Liu Jiahui’s suspension notice and the starter was also reviewed On November 5th, Beijing time, the issue of whether Liu Jiahui, a player of Longmen Longmen in Henan Songshan, should accumulate two yellow cards and be suspended from the game sparked discussion on the Internet. Reporter … Read more

And he gets angry at a press reporter in the special presentation of “Experience Teams” (video) | news

The rapper got angry and jerked at a reporter, refusing to make any press statements. A video of the moment Wiggs entered the special screening of the movie “Teams of Experience”, which was held yesterday evening, was spread on social media. We recommend: Al-Khamisi’s meeting on the story “Hatta Min Al-Qamar”: From the author’s imagination … Read more

Conflict that could not be overcome in the end?… The ‘real reason’ for Lovelyz’s disbandment revealed by former reporter Kim Seon-ho

The group ‘Lovelyz’ disbanded after not exceeding 7 years of death. There were various speculations, but in the end, it seems that the main cause was the conflict that could not be overcome with the agency. Group Lovelyz / Woollim Entertainment On the 2nd, a video of ‘The Real Reason for Lovelyz’s disbandment’ was posted … Read more