Unique! The Tradition of Fathers Breastfeeding Babies in the Aka Culture of the Republic of Congo : Okezone Travel

ADA the tradition of fathers breastfeeding babies in Aka culture Republic of the Congo. Usually it is the mother who breastfeeds the baby, but for the Aka community that role is also carried out by the father. Of course the father does not have breast milk alias milk. However, the fathers of the Aka Pygmy … Read more

The best-paid athletes of the Czech Republic: Who earns more than Souček or Pastrňák?

The renowned Forbes magazine has once again published a ranking of the best-paid athletes in the Czech Republic. Not a single woman made it into the top ten. Hockey players are the most represented, of whom there are six in the list, as well as three football players and one basketball player. And who reigns … Read more

A popular grocery store went bankrupt in the Czech Republic. But it ends really badly

The Czech market has long been considered very lucrative. In recent years, it has managed to attract one interesting brand after another. These then increased local competition and overall improved the environment. At the same time, they allowed the Czech customer to taste or try things that were forbidden to him until now. At first … Read more

There are thousands of kilometers of unused tracks in the Czech Republic. Another is an adept on the bike path

There are currently more than a thousand kilometers of non-operating tracks in the Czech Republic. The Railway Administration has specifically 16 sections of tracks without train movement in its records. It is not clear what fate awaits the unused tracks. Will nature swallow them? She wouldn’t have to. Only cyclists would ride instead of trains. … Read more

Bijec is banned from the Czech Republic, the daughter is taking it away – eXtra.cz

Athlete Makhmud Mach Muradov (32) has lived in the Czech Republic for over eleven years, pays taxes and fathered a daughter there with his ex-girlfriend Monika Bagárová (28), yet according to the authorities, he is dangerous for our society for whatever reason and is forbidden to return to the Czech Republic. Read what Mach told … Read more

Fires devastate the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. The firefighters’ difficult action is underway [ZDJĘCIA]

A fire in a region called Bohemian Switzerland on the Czech side and Saxon Switzerland on the German side started last weekend. It seemed to be under control but spread again early Thursday, the German news agency dpa said. Hundreds of firefighters on both sides of the border are fighting the flames with reinforcements from … Read more

Berri defines the specifications of the next president of the republic… How did he comment on the case of Archbishop Musa al-Hajj?

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri confirmed that he will not call for a presidential election session “until after the completion of the reform laws required by the International Monetary Fund,” stressing that the next president should be “an element of gathering and not an element of subtraction and division.” As for the issue of the demarcation … Read more

Emirates News Agency – The President and Vice President congratulate the President of the Republic of Vanuatu on his country’s independence anniversary

Saturday, July 30, 2022 – 12:00 PM ABU DHABI, 30th July, WAM/ His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “may God protect him”, sent a congratulatory message to President Nikeniki Vorobaravo, President of the Republic of Vanuatu, on the occasion of his country’s independence anniversary. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin … Read more

Motoring talent is growing in the Czech Republic. Twelve-year-old Klárka drives a racing Škoda

In the world of Czech motorsport, the next successful competitor may be growing up. Namely, the racer who is only twelve years old Klára Tlusťáková, who as the youngest girl in history got behind the wheel of a racing Škoda Fabia R5. Although she is only twelve years old, the multiple-time champion of the republic … Read more