97th Republican Anniversary of the Millennial Turkey

“Panama constitutes a very important point in the opening of Turkey towards Latin America. In the context of this opening, diplomatic representations in the region increased from 6 to 17 […]” Panama and Turkey are two friendly countries that share the great privilege of owning two important maritime channels that serve humanity day and night. … Read more

Former Republican officials urge Trump to acknowledge defeat

More than 100 former Republican officials repudiate Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his defeat, as it represents a “dangerous attack” on US institutions. In a letter published Monday, a group of former Republican US National Security officials demanded that Donald Trump acknowledge his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election on November 3. Specifically, … Read more

Trump’s lawyer, determined to file a fraud complaint with the Supreme Court

Following the dismissal of Trump’s vote lawsuit in Pennsylvania, his attorney announces that this helped expedite the appeal to the US Supreme Court. “Today’s decision will help us in our strategy to quickly get to the US Supreme Court.”Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for outgoing US President Donald Trump, said on Saturday. This statement came hours … Read more

Analysis: Republican silence validates Trump’s game | United States

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republicans in Congress are committed to a risky but calculated bet that, once President Donald Trump has exhausted all his legal recourse to challenge the election result, he will accept defeat to President-elect Joe Biden. . But the opposite is happening. As the cases presented by his legal team fall by the … Read more

Republican leaders in Michigan rule out fraud and refute Trump | What’s Up News

Washington, Nov 20 (EFE) .- Michigan Republican leaders who met with President Donald Trump at the White House this afternoon said they had no information that could “change the outcome” of the elections in the state. that supposes a blow to the denunciations of “fraud” without tests wielded by the president. “We are not aware … Read more

Republican Lawsuits Restrict Governors’ Covid-19 Actions – En Español

This year, lawmakers, city officials, business owners, pastors, parents and individuals have filed nearly 1,000 lawsuits across the country against state policies on coronavirus, most of them challenging the executive actions of governors, according to Ballotpedia, a politics and elections online encyclopedia.

Hatred online, cults, education … What does the bill “confirming republican principles” contain?

The government has put the finishing touches to its bill intended to fight radical Islam and “separatism” by supplementing it with provisions, announced by Emmanuel Macron after the assassination of teacher Samuel Paty which upset the country. This text does not use the term “separatism” used by the Head of State during his speech on … Read more

The Republican Party captured by Trump

. Edgardo Riveros Marín, academic Faculty of Law, Central University. A known fact is the style and personality of Donald Trump and that has permeated his government. His actions, gestures and sayings have been a significant cause in the political polarization that the United States is experiencing. This was projected from the campaign that led … Read more

US media: With 306 electoral votes Biden beats Trump

With all the projected states, Democrat Joe Biden extends his lead over Donald Trump and confirms his resounding triumph in the US presidential elections. Biden defeated his Republican rival, Trump, in the state of Georgia, while he won in North Carolina, polling firm Edison Research indicated on Friday, by adjudicating the results of the last … Read more

Zapata County votes for President Trump, first Republican in a century – Telemundo 52

ZAPATA, Texas- A week ago, Zapata County – the same county that has been against the construction of a border wall – made history by voting for President Donald Trump. Zapata is a county with 14,000 inhabitants that has always supported the Democratic presidential candidates until 2020 when they decided to vote to re-elect President … Read more