Ukraine: Russians create power company in Zaporizhzhia – World

Occupying authorities in charge of Melitopol “took control of the local electricity company ‘Zaporizhzhyaoblenergo’ and they created a pseudo-electricity company called ‘Tavria-Energo’, starting to collect bills from residents. “This was communicated by the mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov, who maintains contact with his city in the occupied part of the district from the Ukrainian territory … Read more

Water returns to Courmayeur, repaired aqueduct – Chronicle

“The repair works of the municipal aqueduct, affected by the landslide in Val Ferret on the evening of 5 August, are substantially completed”. This was announced by the Municipality of Courmayeur, where the lack of water, in recent days, has created heavy inconvenience to residents, hoteliers, restaurateurs and even protests among tourists who flock to … Read more

A resident of occupied Kherson: the Russians themselves told us what to expect

– Since the beginning of March, Kherson has been temporarily occupied. You managed to evacuate from Kherson. Tell me how it happened. – We left Kherson early in the morning. We reached Vasiljivka quite quickly. This is the only place in the occupied part of Ukraine in the south from which you can reach Zaporizhzhia. … Read more

The message received from the USA revealed another side of the life of a Vilnius resident: I don’t know why I did it

As a result, Lyrius G., a man from Vilnius who had no dealings with the law enforcement before, was prosecuted – the man not only had to answer for the crimes he committed, but also lost his One Plus 7T Pro mobile phone, which was recognized as a tool of his crimes. “I don’t know … Read more

Resident Evil 7 continues to sweep sales, achieving a multimillion-dollar figure while Village follows in its wake

The Capcom title has reached 11 million units sold. Without a doubt the saga of Resident Evil enjoys incredible health in terms of units sold. This is demonstrated by the latest update in sales that Capcom has made of its video games in the list of Platinum Titles as of June 30 where it is … Read more

Dead by Daylight Drops!! Albert Wesker is set to enter the world as a Killer in the new Resident Evil Project W DLC with interesting details.

Monday, August 1, 2022, 21:58 minutes 04 seconds, Indochina time Back in the past few months, Dead by Daylight has issued a job announcement Collaboration together with the way Resident Evil again under the name Project W But even so, no definitive information has been announced at this time. But it’s what makes the game’s … Read more

Images of the new Dead by Daylight collaboration with Resident Evil are leaked

Behavior Interactive prepares extra content for its multiplayer horror title. If you are a player of Dead by Daylight for more than a year, you will remember that in 2021 it took place a collaboration with Resident Evil what included characters, maps and props and made it clear that the Behavior Interactive title has reached … Read more

Potential Resident Evil 9 leak hints at new setting and enemies

© Looks like new information has been leaked about the setting and enemies featured in Capcom’s next installment in the survival horror series, Resident Evil 9. As with all 4chan leaks, take this with a pinch of salt. Based on the leaked details, the working title of the game is Resident Evil Apocalypse. Its action … Read more

Laporta: Lewandowski is very important to us, Ronaldo’s future has nothing to do with me, it’s Manchester United’s business – yqqlm

Original title: Laporta: Lewandowski is very important to us Cristiano Ronaldo’s future has nothing to do with me, it is Manchester United’s business Laporta: Lewandowski is very important to us, Ronaldo’s future has nothing to do with me, that’s Manchester United’s business Live it on July 30. A few days ago, the president of Barcelona … Read more