Residents from Deelen furious about possible arrival asylum seekers’ center: ‘An unfortunate idea, we foresee major problems’ | Ede

Residents are furious. But what can they do with so few people? “It feels like we are not being taken seriously”, says Evyta Hoogkamp. Together with her husband Anne, she has a cherry stall, directly opposite the entrance to the Kop van Deelen. “Now we are still being talked to and we will see if … Read more

Many Residents to Penang & Singapore

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Kemenkomarves) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan wants to import foreign hospitals to Indonesia. Luhut also considered allowing and allowing more foreign doctors in Indonesia. One of the considerations is because many +62 residents turned out to be seeking treatment in Singapore and Penang. Luhut said, some … Read more

A gas pipeline was broken in the boiler house in Iecava; evacuated residents

At 17.04, SFRS received a call to Count’s Square in Iecava, where it was necessary to prevent gas leakage. It was established at the scene that the boiler house building was dismantled with a front loader, as a result of which the gas supply was cut off and gas leaked. Enclosed area at the scene. … Read more

In autumn, Volgograd residents are attacked by several viruses

On the eve of the new epidemiological season, the specialists of the Volgograd Rospotrebnadzor gave their forecast which viruses are attacking the residents of the region this year. Of course, COVID-19 is named the main danger of the coming autumn, which continues to rapidly take the lives of the inhabitants of the region. However, Rospotrebnadzor … Read more

Red zone: only 40% of Brussels residents get tested

A special effort will be made in five municipalities, where the testing capacity will be increased. LAre Brussels residents a bad pupil after returning from vacation? This is indicated by the figures communicated on Tuesday by Inge Neven, head of the hygiene inspection at Cocom. Since August 1, 13,000 people have returned from a red … Read more

Grimbergen does not cut 101 lime trees after protest from local residents

The action committee, which received the support of Groen Grimbergen, is pleased that the municipal council will change its plans for the felling of trees. “We are very happy that the plans are now being rethought,” says Bert Wallyn. “We hope that they will involve us now at the start of the new plans. So … Read more

After the Pool Party, Thousands of Wuhan Residents Now Party Beer All

WUHAN, – Thousands of people flocked to the beer festival at Wuhan this week in the middle of a pandemic corona virus which is still ongoing. Festival One Wuhan the plan is to run for a week and start last weekend with many festival goers ignoring him physical distancing in the crowd. The festival … Read more

Panic among residents of Polopos: violent fire is raging nearby

A fire broke out at a plantation near the village, the smoke of which can be seen in Polopos. “91 firefighters and 9 firefighting planes were deployed,” Christiaan, who participated in the program, tells RTL Boulevard. He and his wife Kirsten are currently in the Netherlands, but are of course very concerned. “The wind is … Read more

Historic Northern California Fires Displace 77,000 Residents from Their Homes | Your City Univision 14 San Francisco

Three massive fire complexes are burning in multiple Northern California counties, consuming 669,000 acres of land so far. Fires in the north of the state have killed 5 people, displaced 77,000 residents and keep 100,000 more under warning to leave their homes. Here are the most recent figures provided by the Cal Fire agency: ⚠️ … Read more

One family in Sukoharjo who died invisible for 3 days, the residents smell a foul odor– One family found were killed at his house in Duwet Village, Baki District, Sukoharjo not seen leaving the house since Tuesday (18/8/2020) night. House S and family are closed. Neighbors who kiss smelly from inside the house S finally ventures into the house. “He thought it didn’t smell good from the fish pond. I … Read more