HEADLINE: Jokowi Allows Residents to Remove Masks Outdoors, Transition to the COVID-19 Endemic?

Epidemiologist Dicky Budiman reminded the public that there is no need for euphoria with the latest policy to take off masks in open spaces. Like Eko, Dicky also agrees that the current condition is not safe. So the transition to the COVID-19 endemic must be gradual considering the current condition is still a pandemic. The … Read more

Photo: Active Fumigation to Prevent DHF in the Transitional Season

Merdeka.com – Officers carry out fogging to eradicate the breeding of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) mosquitoes in densely populated settlements, Jakarta, Wednesday (18/5/2022). To deal with the transition season or the transition from the rainy season to the dry season which is the breeding ground for the Aedes Agypty mosquito, the cause of Dengue Hemorrhagic … Read more

Lost and stirs residents, toddler in Ambowetan Pemalang found dead

Advertisement PUSKAPIK.COMPemalang – The toddler who was missing and shocked the residents of Ambowetan Village, Ulujami District, Pemalang Regency was finally found in a lifeless condition. The body of a 1.5-year-old toddler named Arkhana Faeza Riskiawan was found this morning, Wednesday 18 May 2022, in an irrigation canal about 500 meters from the crime scene. … Read more

Borders warn residents. In the coming years, we will not allow repaired repaired roads again due to old connections Company News Olomoucká Drbna

Residents of the Hranice part of the Přerov region should pay attention. The city is preparing repairs in the Pod Bílým kamenem locality and warns that in the next ten years it will not allow people to re-dig the reconstructed roads, for example due to old connections. Residents should check their connections well. The complete … Read more

The new Amazon site in Ardea near the (future) waste-to-energy plant. Residents against Gualtieri: “Only poisons arrive here, everything is missing”

The Amazon site that started working in Ardea today is a 48 thousand square meter high-tech warehouse, the largest in Europe for XL products such as household appliances, refrigerators, swimming pools, large sports items such as treadmills, etc. It has a storage and distribution capacity of over 100 thousand products, will take on up to … Read more

“If they start throwing stones with twenty people, you are powerless”: young people have been terrorizing the neighborhood for weeks, residents want to ‘take law into their own hands’ (Deurne)

©  rr Deurne – Residents of the Wim Saerensplein in Deurne are threatened and even attacked by groups of young people. Last weekend things really got out of hand when customers of cafe Daniel’s were pelted with stones. “The police say there is nothing they can do. Then there is nothing for it but to … Read more

“We lie in our bed trembling at night, it’s hell here”: residents are tired of traffic nuisance (Inland)

The residents of the Provinciebaan are complaining about the poor condition of the road. Alderman of Mobility Jasmien Jaques (N-VA) is aware of the situation: “The street is on our to-do list.” — ©  lvi Laarne/Wetteren – The fact that local resident Pieter (40) enforced in court that the Flemish government should tackle the ‘trembling’ … Read more

Mysterious figure in white robe bangs on the house of Pringsewu residents asking for donations, turns out to be entangled in Pinjol

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Social media was shocked by the appearance of a woman dressed in all white banging on a resident’s house. The movements of the woman who also wears sunglasses are considered disturbing to the residents. A short video of this figure has been circulating on TikTok social media. It is stated if mysterious figure … Read more

Sireika praises the black work of the students, Žibėnas lacks the physicality of Vilnius residents

According to the strategist, after losing in the first match, the main problems of the team were successfully identified and solved. “It is not for nothing that the rivals took the first place in the regular season. In the first match, we had trouble stopping their rapid attack, and now we’ve come to conclusions. I … Read more

Fire in the historic center of Brussels: the resident’s reflex avoided the worst

A fire broke out this Sunday around 8:30 p.m. in the historic center of Brussels, in rue de Grétry, within the Îlot Sacré. The fire started in the kitchen on the 3rd floor of a house. “The occupant had the excellent reflex of closing her kitchen door when leaving her apartment and thus slowed down … Read more