Demonstration Demands Suharso Monoarfa Resign at PPP Office in Central Jakarta, Ricuh!

Jakarta – Demonstration On Jalan Raya Diponegoro, Menteng, Central Jakarta, this afternoon, there was chaos. The demonstration sympathizing with the United Development Party (PPP) demanded that PPP Chairman Suharso Monoarfa to back off. The Head of Menteng Police, Kompol Netty Rosdiana, said the riots occurred at 15.00 WIB. At that time, the PPP sympathizers were … Read more

“If so, I resign”

The reaction after the last measure. 1 ‘OF READING The grain manifests itself on the resolutions of the Asp of which we have given news. 861 contracts have been extended until next September 30th regarding coordinated and continuous collaborations and services under the freelance professional activity relating to the staff employed in the commissioner structure, … Read more

Anwar Usman’s Complete Reasons That He Doesn’t Need to Resign from the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court

Jakarta – Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK) Anwar Usman believes that he does not need to step down from his chair. However, this opinion was defeated by 8 other constitutional judges, so like it or not, Anwar Usman had to step down within the next 9 months at the latest. The case began … Read more

Anwar Usman Must Resign from the Chair of the Constitutional Court, This is What the Plaintiff Says

Jakarta – Law Plaintiffs Constitutional Court (MK) question the statesman spirit of the constitutional judges. This is based on the decision of the Constitutional Court Law which is very political and prioritizes the interests of each constitutional judge. One of them was about Anwar Usman who had to step down from the chair of the … Read more

Anwar Usman Opens Up About Having to Resign from the Chair of the Constitutional Court

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK) Anwar Usman | open voice regarding the decision on judicial review of Law Number 7 of 2020 concerning the Constitutional Court which requires him to resign from the chairperson MK at the moment. He stated that he did not need to resign from the … Read more

Jorge Mario Velásquez and three other members of the Sura board resign

In a relevant fact disclosed this morning, Grupo Sura reported that four members of its board of directors resigned. Among them are the president of Grupo Argos, Jorge Mario Velásquez. Last week, the president of Nutresa, Carlos Ignacio Gallego, left the board of the financial conglomerate. This marks the end of the castling between GEA … Read more

Spalletti warns De Laurentiis: “Are you selling me Koulibaly? I resign”. The background

Spalletti’s claims are few but clear. There is only player on whom he is ready for a head-on confrontation with De Laurentiis: Koulibaly “The claims of Spalletti they are few but clear. There is only one player on whom he is ready for a head-on collision. Koulibaly. Will you sell it to me? A second … Read more

Cardinal De Kesel offers to resign as Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels | Inland

According to his spokesman Geert De Kerpel, the cardinal sent his letter of resignation to Rome at the beginning of June. The Pope can ask him to stay on for some time, but whether that will happen is an open question. According to insiders, the cardinal is certainly not keen on an extension. Two years … Read more

«I resign from the Milan board of directors. I take Elliott to court “

Salvatore Cerchione he resigned from the board of directors of Milan. After the words of the founder and managing partner of Blue Skye al Financial Times and following the indiscretion reported by the website of the Gazzetta dello Sportora Football and Finance can confirm the resignation of the director from the board of directors of … Read more

Chronology Rumors of Pope Francis’ Plan to Resign

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Plan rumors Pope Francis The retreat has been blowing since May and has become increasingly due to a series of events. The appearance of Pope Francis in a wheelchair for the first time, after undergoing knee surgery, was the start of rumors. Another thing that has fueled the rumors is the … Read more