The first response from “Elisa”… after the verdict was issued in her favor against “Ziyad Burji”

The Lebanese singer, Elissa, announced today, Friday, March 24, 2023, via a tweet on her official account on the social networking site Twitter, that the Lebanese judiciary had issued a ruling in her favor, in the case submitted by her, to the urgent judiciary, to prove her right to the song “Me and Bass”. “, … Read more

USA. The White House on Depleted Uranium Munitions. A response to Russia’s fears and accusations

Facebook logoTwitter logo Munitions containing depleted uranium have been used quite widely for decades. If Russia is concerned about its tanks, it should withdraw them from Ukraine, said National Security Council (NSC) spokesman John Kirby. In this way, he commented on Russia’s warnings about the potential supply of such tank ammunition to Ukraine by Great … Read more

The sharp response of Valentina Pinault, daughter of Salma Hayek, to those who criticize her for her physical appearance

Valentina Paloma is not only the daughter of Salma Hayek and businessman Francois Henry Pinault, but has also been considered one of the richest young women in the world. Valentina Paloma She wants to be an actress like her mother, and even inherited her strong character, which is necessary to create her own path in … Read more

Egy Maulana Vikri’s response after being teased by Shin Tae-yong

Tuesday, 21 March 2023 – 20:02 WIB VIVA – Egy Maulana Vikri opened his voice regarding the criticism of the Indonesian National Team coach, Shin Tae-yong, about him. Previously, Egy received teasing from Shin Tae-yong for playing for Dewa United against Persib in the League 1 follow-up match, Monday 20 March 2023. In fact, he … Read more

Steve complains about the lack of space on a Ryanair plane, he did not expect the response he was going to receive (photo)

Some community managers know how to use a lot of humor. It’s not Steve who will tell you otherwise. On Twitter, the man took his smartphone to complain about the lack of space on a Ryanair plane. “I am only 1m70”, he wrote, photo in support. But he did not expect to receive such a … Read more

Xavi’s response to Cholo for Barcelona’s defensive play, confirms withdrawal for the Clásico and the ‘Negreira Case’

2023-03-18 The technician of Barcelona, Xavi Hernandezassured this Saturday that winning the Real Madrid Sunday would be “a blow of authority” and a “very important step” to win the League. “In case of winning, it would be a blow of authority. We would be twelve points away, it would not be definitive, but it would … Read more

With this context of crisis, should we be worried about our future pensions? The minister’s response

The pension reform is long overdue here in Belgium. Last Monday, in the Chamber, the Planning Office raised the specter of a “Greek” scenario. Georges-Louis Bouchez (MR) took the opportunity to add a layer of it in the press by declaring that “without European beacons, Belgium would already be Greece without feta, sun and sirtaki.” … Read more

DEPRESSION, ANXIETY: Discovery of a master molecule of the stress response

The study is conducted on zebrafish, a vertebrate whose genetics have much in common with humans and which is a recognized model for studying the functioning and dysfunction of the human brain. In zebrafish, the system that controls stress responses begins to develop 1-2 days after fertilization, and stress-induced cortisol signals can be seen as … Read more

The koruna rose above EUR/CZK 24.00. The koruna weakened sharply in response to sales in the European banking sector linked to the problems of the Ukrainian bank Credit Suisse.

The koruna weakened sharply in response to sales in the European banking sector linked to the problems of the Ukrainian bank Credit Suisse. Compared to the euro, it lost more than 1 percent, and for the first time since January, it reached above the 24.00 EUR/CZK level, and then pips that 2 percent loss on … Read more

In response to the CCTV 315 exposure issue, various places took action overnight! 22.598 million fans and big V were blocked in an instant–Fast Technology–Technology Changes the Future

This year’s CCTV 315 Gala is very rich in content, including fake fragrant rice, “face-slapping” cosmetics and medical beauty chaos, short video dramas in the middle of the game, free storytelling machines, who is manipulating the navy, unsafe security Belts, inferior cement pipes, etc. As always, after the party ended, relevant departments from all over … Read more