Striking response from Pocho Lavezzi after the strong posts about violence by Natalia Borges: “We are not separated; I love her”

A year from confirm publicly your relationship with Natalia Borges, Few Lavezzi broke the silence to deny the breakup, after the model confirmed to Pia Shaw what I end the relationship and publish in their stories Instagram posts referring to gender violence. “I broke up. I still don’t feel ready to talk about it. It’s … Read more

Seo Ye Ji Allegedly Lied About Her Educational Background, Complutense University Gives Official Response

PR TASIKMALAYA – The controversy that dragged the name of the actress from South Korea Seo Ye Ji famous through the Korean drama (drakor) It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, still continues. The latest controversy to befall Seo Ye Ji The alleged issue is about netizens who accused the actress of being a liar about … Read more

Canon announces the EOS R3 mirrorless camera in response to Nikon’s top-of-the-line Z9 model

The EOS R3 is currently in the middle of the development process, but the R3 model is expected to outperform the EOS R5, which is currently Canon’s flagship mirrorless camera. In response to competitor Nikon which announced the development of its high-end Z9 mirrorless camera last month, Canon is developing its own high-end mirrorless camera. … Read more

Special Art – Mohamed Ramadan in the first response to Amr Adib’s attack on him

Private information on “Al-Fan” website confirmed that the artist was EgyptianMohamed RamadanHe did not mean to provoke a crisis with the Egyptian mediaAmr AdibAnd that things developed suddenly after a video of throwing money in one of the videos, which he posted on social media, in and around a swimming pool.Our information indicated that Ramadan … Read more

The spicy response of America after Romina Pereiro’s request for Jorge Rial not to go to the channel

A few days ago, Romina Pereiro, the wife of Jorge Rial, expressed concern about her husband’s attendance at the apartment Amrica to work in the TV Nostra, your new program. “Jorge Okay, I want to take the opportunity to make a public request, we want to ask you to stay at home, not to expose … Read more

Strong response from Germán Martitegui to a follower who complained about the prices of his restaurant: “Go to one you can afford”

The new restrictions that seek to placate the advance of the coronavirus in Argentina concern various sectors. Among them, the gastronomic one. So, German Martitegui He asked his followers to go out to dinner earlier at restaurants and not stop consuming outside due to time constraints. “I went out to eat earlier, 7:30 p.m., 8 … Read more

Muhammad Ramadan in response to his criticism of the movie “Ahmose”: Does he mean Ahmose, is this “uncle”, the colleague who does the series? | news

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, responded to the criticism directed at him because of his recent announcement of preparing the movie “Ahmose”, which he decided to embody his character, and the announcement came after Synergy’s decision to stop the series “The King”, by Amr Youssef, which was supposed to cover his biography as well. Ramadan said … Read more

Response to “privileged” vaccine responses from Bensu Soral

The player who is at the center of criticism because it is a new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine Bensu SoralHe stated that he has a chronic illness, so he can be vaccinated. Bensu Soral, 30, responded to the reactions that he was privileged in vaccination. According to the news of Medyatava; Explaining that he … Read more

The 2nd generation corona vaccine is coming: Dong-A Science

High efficiency and easy transport management Corona 19 vaccine candidate NDV-HXP-S that entered clinical trials in Thailand. Provision of GPO for the state-owned pharmaceutical company in Thailand ‘PATH’, a non-profit organization that conducts infectious disease prevention projects in various countries around the world, launched’NDV-HXP-S’, a next-generation candidate material to make a novel coronavirus infection (Corona … Read more

EU diplomats accuse Russia and China of blocking international response to Myanmar

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – EU diplomats on Sunday said Russia and China were deliberately blocking joint international action to resist a military coup Myanmar. “It is not surprising that Russia and China block UN Security Council efforts, for example to impose an arms embargo,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said in a blog statement. “Geopolitical … Read more