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TODAY INTEREST Tuesday, January 12, 2021 Mourinho responds to Mesut Özil’s provocation at Tottenham Tottenham’s coach was forceful to react to a comment from the Arsenal player and ex-cop him at Real Madrid. January 12, 2021 06:12 pm .

Ozil said he prefers to retire before playing at Tottenham and got great response from Mourinho

The german steering wheel Mesut Ozil He caused a stir on Monday with a round of responses to his followers of the social network Twitter, in which he indicated that he prefers to retire rather than sign in Tottenham, a rival club from the same city where Arsenal, the team in which he plays, is … Read more

“If they give me my money, I’ll go”: Falcao’s harsh response to Galatasaray executives

The situation of Radamel Falcao García in the Galatasaray of Turkey is becoming more and more unsustainable, according to various portals in that country, which speak of a broken relationship between fans, managers and the Colombian player. The last injury suffered by the Colombian National Team player, which will leave him out of the competition … Read more

Argentine researchers develop software that measures immune response against all types of cancer

Argentine researchers developed a bioinformatics tool that can “very precisely” quantify the amount and type of white blood cells that infiltrate tumors, which would help explain why cancer immunotherapies fail in some cases, their developers reported today belonging to the Catholic University of Córdoba (UCC) and the Conicet. Mixture, the name of the tool, is … Read more

The Mandalorian: Mark Hamill’s sad response to the end of season 2

The second season of The Mandalorian had an incredible ending that brought back the popular character Luke Skywalker, but this is what his actor Mark Hamill said. January 03, 2021 02:05 hs The end of season 2 of The Mandalorian, has left a lot of fans speechless, after the incredible twist and appearance of Luke … Read more

Patients may suffer damage to brain vessels in response to covid-19 – Prensa Libre

Covid-19 can leave sequelae of damage to blood vessels in the brain. (Free Press Photo: Hemeroteca PL) Researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States analyzed brain tissue from 19 deaths from the disease, in which there were “systematically, marks of damage” caused by thinning and leaking blood vessels. However, they … Read more

“If Turkey had not given a positive response to the GAN, Libya would have been thrown into chaos”

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu, said yes Turkey would not have given a positive response to Government of National Agreement, Libya it would have dragged itself into chaos. “ Çavuşoğlu gave an interview to the newspaper, Young Africa, which is published in French. In the framework of the agreement signed by Turkey in November 2019, … Read more

Climate, a variable in Providencia’s response and stabilization

Summary “The change that we have seen in the climate (in Providencia) is caused by the vegetation that we have lost, the trees that are totally destroyed”, as recounted by Roberto Newball, an inhabitant of the island who was hit hard by the passage of Hurricane Iota, and who points out that the variations in … Read more

Celtic and Rangers secure the Champions League as Super League plans generate withering response from UEFA – Ultimas Noticias

Celtic and Rangers have been assured that the proposed changes to the Champions League will not exclude them from the top table in Europe. The Association of European Clubs, led by Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, has been calling for a renewal of the tournament from 2024. That led to fears of a closed ‘Super League’ … Read more

The response of celebrities to the covid-19 pandemic

Ante la pandemic by covid-19, different celebrities they have expressed ideas and committed actions to combat it. But on the other hand, some other famous they have remained silent or have generated outrage with their wild statements. Stay informed about what matters most to you Receive the most relevant news of the day in your … Read more