Wild rabbits must restore the population in the North Holland dunes

NH News In cooperation with NH News NOS News•Tuesday, 11:37•Amended Tuesday, 3:08 PM Wild rabbits will soon be released in the dunes of Castricum. Foresters of nature manager PWN hope to restore the population with this. A series of viruses has led to major rabbit deaths in recent decades. As a result, the animals have … Read more

Missile attack on Ukraine. Dramatic effects. How long will it take to restore energy

The consequences of the latest shelling are worse than the earlier attack in October. Two of the three objects hit on Tuesday were attacked for the second time in weeks. All three installations were severely damaged. Currently only 30 percent inhabitants of the Lviv region can simultaneously use the power grid Kozycki reported on Telegram. … Read more

Not only wants to restore the glory of Man United, Erik ten Hag has a mission to improve team relations with fans

TWITTER.COM/STATMANDAVE Manchester United coach, Erik ten Hag. BOLASPORT.COM – Erik ten Hag appointed as a coach not only to make Manchester United back to being competitive, but also on a mission to improve the team’s relationship with the fans. Since being appointed to in charge of Manchester United in April 2022, Erik ten Hag slowly … Read more

Musk promises to restore blocked Twitter accounts within a few weeks

Previously closed accounts, such as those of former US President Donald Trump, could be reinstated on Twitter in a few weeks, the new owner of the social network, Elon Musk, announced on Wednesday. “Twitter” users are closely watching whether Musk, after buying the platform, will restore Trump’s account, which was closed after he incited a … Read more

Facebook removes an important feature to restore closed accounts

24 – October – 2022 Facebook The Trusted Contacts support feature is an important feature of Facebook, to protect user accounts from hacking and theft and solve some other problems such as forgetting passwords. Facebook has made a major change that affects the restoration of access to user accounts in the event of a closure, … Read more

To restore its pure whiteness.. Discover a way to renew white plastic parts

Follow up – Loujain Ismail: Over time, white plastic pieces tend to yellow as a result of exposure to light and grease. So discover the tried-and-true way to rejuvenate your white plastic pieces: Dissolve a tablespoon of starch in a cup of water (start gradually and stop adding water when the mixture becomes thick). Put … Read more

It will take weeks to restore the power grid in Ukraine after the Russian bombing

Loading player Il very serious bombing carried out on civilian targets in Ukraine earlier this week – which then continued with attacks in the following days – caused major damage to the electricity infrastructure throughout the country, considered unprecedented in this war. There are regular power outages in several areas and it is estimated that … Read more

MPR and Wantimpres Discuss Discourse to Restore Pilkada through DPRD

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The leaders MPR meet the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) on Monday (10/10) discussed the discourse of returning regional head elections (Pilkada) so that the people no longer can vote directly, but through the DPRD again. When entertaining the Wantimpres, the MPR leaders discussed evaluating the election system while highlighting the increase … Read more