Hong Kong: Prominent human rights defender arrested by police

– Prominent human rights defender arrested by police One of Hong Kong’s most prominent human rights defenders was arrested by city police on Tuesday for alleged witness tampering, a police source told AFP. Published: 21.03.2023, 06:59 Image d’archive d’Albert Ho. AFP Albert Ho is already facing up to ten years in prison for “inciting subversion” … Read more

IPW Reveals 3 Clarifications to the KPK regarding the Alleged Gratification of the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights

CNN Indonesia Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023 03:20 WIB IPW visited the KPK regarding the alleged gratification of the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights. CNN Indonesia/Panji Septo Raharjo Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Chairman of the Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) Sugeng Teguh Santoso clarified the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) regarding the alleged gratification received by the … Read more

IPW Reveals Complaints of Alleged Gratification to Media, Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights: Wants to be Famous

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights or WamenkumhamEdward Omar Sharif Hiariej regretted the attitude of the Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) in disclosing complaints to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) against him to the media. According to the man who is familiarly called Eddy Hiariej, attitude IPW it violates legal ethics. Apart … Read more

“Gays pass off those children as children”: the right-wing counterattack on rights

“We will make a law because surrogacy is not really prosecuted in our country”. The Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family, Eugenia Rockella, thus responds to the square in Milan, which on Saturday demanded more rights for homoparental couples. He does so by dusting off an old idea of ​​the Brothers of Italy: that … Read more

Evo Morales criticizes Boric’s “unilateral position” for redirecting migrants: “Respect Human Rights” | International

Evo Morales used his Twitter account to criticize the “unilateral position” of President Gabriel Boric, towards irregular migrants and called to “respect human rights.” This is in response to the fact that the Chilean president criticized Bolivia for not allowing redirections of Venezuelan migrants. The former president of Bolivia Evo Morales criticized this Thursday the … Read more

“I violated my daughter’s rights, and I will not be silent.. Asmahan Tawfiq warns Ghada Abdel Razek because of “Talat Al-Talata”

07:46 PM Thursday, March 16, 2023 Books – Mustafa Hamza: The artist, Asmahan Tawfiq, expressed her surprise at the position of the artist, Ghada Abdel Razek, who violated the rights of her daughter, author Souad Mustafa Abdel Wahhab Shaheen, “Soo Shaheen,” stressing that her daughter had the idea and content of the series “Telt Al … Read more

Milan may only register one parent with a gay couple, ‘goes against civil rights’ | Abroad

The municipality of Milan can only register the biological parent as the parent of children of a homosexual couple. This is stated in a letter from the prefect of that city. In the absence of clear legislation, the municipality of Milan decided years ago to register both parents of the same sex as the child’s … Read more

vivo V27 5G is open for reservation today, get a free Boxset 10,798 baht with rights to add RAM / TWS Air headphones

Approaching the launch date of vivo V27, now it’s open for pre-order. Of course, there are special privileges for interested people, whether it is a Box Set worth 10,798 baht / vivo TWS Air headphones / rights to increase RAM / 500 baht discount, which these rights will vary depending on the mobile phone model ordered. reserve What are the details are as follows

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“In my skin”: an exhibition to promote the rights of single mothers

As part of the project “Promoting the rights of single, migrant and Moroccan mothers and new models of masculinity in the city of Tangier”, in partnership with the NGO Conemund and co-financed by the European Union, the association 100% Mamans organizes an event on March 9, 10 and 11, 2023 at Riad Sultan (Kasbah) on … Read more

Women’s rights: the AUF encourages women to invest more in digital professions – GABONEWS

Women’s rights: the AUF encourages women to invest more in digital professions March 12, 2023 On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, the theme of this year was “For an inclusive digital world: innovation and technology for gender equality”, the National Office of the Francophone University Agency recently organized a meeting in Libreville between … Read more