VIDEO: Psychopath Beir admitted why he brutally attacked Grznar in Clash of the Stars. Why will they fight in the ring?

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Elden Ring with Super Nintendo graphics? A user imagines what it would have been like

Elden Ring continues to be one of the most enthusiastic users’ favorite titles. On this occasion, the 64 Bits youtubeur, specialized in books dedicated to the recreation of modern video games with a classic look, imagined what the game From Software would have looked like if it had been released in the 90s on SNES. … Read more

Unannounced game from Elden Ring studio is in final stages of development – Gaming – News

Japanese game maker FromSoftware has had a game in the works since 2016 that is now “in the final stages of development.” This game from the studio that released Elden Ring has not yet been announced. FromSoft CEO Hidetaka Myazaki tells about this in a new interview with a Japanese publication. it has been translated … Read more

What are the authors of Elden Ring preparing? Miyazaki talks about a new game, with a detail that encourages us

The president of From Software states that there is an unannounced project that is in the final phase of development. If Miyazaki speaks, we all listen to him. After signing game icons such as Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls o BloodborneNot counting the recent success of Elden Ringthe players have no doubt that the games of … Read more

Dear, Jakartans! A little more, the second ring toll road is connected

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The circular ring toll will soon be fully connected. Where many sections of the Jakarta Outer Ring Road II toll road network will be completed. To note, the JORR II toll road is a connecting road for the Jakarta area, with Tangerang, South Tangerang, Bogor, Depok to Bekasi. Where the construction … Read more

64 Bits team released the retro super Renfeng “Ayrdon Ring” demake video – Computer King Ada

The open world game “Elden Ring” launched by Fromsoftware has been well received after its launch, and its sales performance has also been very good. Naturally, many people want to use the popularity of “Elden Ring”. We envisage various projects to attract people’s attention. One of them is to present “Elden Ring Demake for SNES” … Read more

A Lithuanian who traveled to the NBA Finals but was one step away from the ring: the big victory seemed close

Halfway through the regular season, the Celtics had 18 wins, 21 failures and bleak prospects, but in the second half of the championship, Massachusetts sprang up 33-10 and even slipped to second place in the Eastern Conference. And when she started in the playoffs, they beat Brooklyn’s Nets 4: 0, beat the Milwaukee Bucks 4: … Read more

‘Elden Ring music lyrics are computer generated gibberish’ – Gaming – .Geeks

The lyrics from Elden Ring’s music appear to mean nothing, claims a Latin student. The soundtrack’s producers are said to have confirmed that the lyrics are actually gibberish and were computer generated to sound dramatic and compelling. Many of the lyrics in Elden Ring are made to resemble Latin, but according to a classical student, … Read more