West Ham face a beer war. Thief, “Hammers” fans riot

As a result, thanks to the Czech couple Tomáš Souček and Vladimír Coufal, they are having a successful month, but looking at the prices of beer at home matches, West Ham football fans are in tears. Under their pressure, the English club is even considering suing the London Stadium, where it is leased, because of … Read more

China’s real estate crisis is coming… riot after protest

[앵커] Recently, in China, the number of places where apartment construction has been suspended has rapidly increased, causing the real estate market to falter. Residents took part in protests saying they would refuse to repay the bank loan if the construction was not resumed. The Chinese government has urgently taken measures, but the situation is … Read more

Cumulative amount 6.87 billion won… Riot Games celebrates the 10th anniversary of the protection of Korean cultural heritage

[OSEN=고용준 기자] It’s already been 10 years. Riot Games, which has been actively involved in the protection and support of Korean cultural heritage for 10 years since 2012, expressed its gratitude to the players through ‘Come Back Home: Lost Cultural Heritage Into Our Bosom’. ‘Come Back Home: Lost Cultural Heritage Into Our Bosom’, which depicts … Read more

Riot shows new information about the planned fighting game

The US developer Riot Games has been working on a new 2D fighting game for some time now, codenamed Project L. In duels, well-known champions from League of Legends will compete against each other and put their skills to the test. Like LoL and Valorant, Project L should be playable entirely for free. In-game, however, … Read more

Riot released a video for the 10th anniversary of the protection of Korean cultural assets

On August 3rd, Riot Games released the video ‘COME BACK HOME: Lost Cultural Heritage In Our Bosom’ through the ‘League of Legends (LoL)’ official YouTube channel. The video is about giving thanks to the players who have been with Riot Games while looking back at the Korean cultural heritage protection and support project that has … Read more

Arrest 2 Suspects Death of PSS Sleman Supporter, Police Say No Relation to Fan Riot

Harianjogja.com, SLEMAN—The Sleman Police have arrested two suspects in the alleged case of violence that caused the death of a PSS Sleman supporter. The two suspects are FDAP, 26, a male resident of Depok, Slemanand AC, 24, male residents of Piyungan, Bantul. The victim is Tri Fajar Firmansyah, 23, a parking attendant who was persecuted … Read more

Riot Games Project L Fighter News!

02.08.2022/Nathan Leuenberger In a video update, Riot Games finally gave news about the upcoming League of Legends-Prügler „Project L“ known. Most importantly, it will be free-to-play! Riot Games couldn’t have chosen a better time, because this week is all about fighting games. Next weekend, from 5.-7. August, the world’s best brawlers meet at the EVO … Read more

Why Riot Games Korea has banned all Vietnam pro players from LoLu

All players from Vietnam banned from Korean LoLa server. A strange situation happened on Korean League of Legends servers. Players noticed that professional accounts have been banned. Some of them for toxicity, others for a reason. Some accounts have not played any matches for 4 months, while others have been inactive for more than two … Read more

Austrian Intel Chief Warns of Potential Riot at Peak Energy Crisis

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, ANOTHER – Austrian Security and Intelligence Service (DSN) head Omar Haijawi-Pirchner warned of possible unrest in the country amid a possible energy crisis this fall. “We haven’t seen any riots on the streets. But hate on the internet is definitely increasing,” he warned Sputnik news, Thursday (28/7/2022). “Every crisis means despair for some people … Read more

You Didn’t Know Before Batman Arkham, Rocksteady Made The Ultimate Riot Game

You are probably fans of Rocksteady Studios, the authors of Batman Arkham. Your announcements are always expected and cheered by the entire community. And is not for less. Its production is small but it has always stood out for its brilliant quality. However, this has not always been the case. In fact, knowing the studio’s … Read more