The Omicron cryptocurrency has risen sharply due to the latest Covid-19 strain

The World Health Organization has chosen the name Omicron for the latest Covid-19 coronavirus strain. Thanks to this coincidence, the cryptocurrency of the same name jumped by more than 700% in just one weekend. The names really matter. The decentralized reserve currency protocol, Omicron (OMIC), managed to conjure a smile on all its watchers in … Read more

Lada prices December 2021 – all models have risen in price again

Granta – for 7,000 rubles, prices – from 566,900 rubles.XRAY – for 8,000 rubles, prices – from 782,900 rubles.XRAY Cross – 10,000 rubles, prices – from 878,900 rubles.Largus – 10,000 rubles, prices – from 790,900 rubles.Niva Travel – 9000 rubles, prices – from 840 900 rubles.Niva Legend – 8,000 rubles, prices – from 667,900 rubles.

Bread token has risen in price by 500% overnight :: RBC.Crypto

Altcoin surpasses $ 1 after its developer was acquired by the first ever public cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase The value of the Bread token has surged more than 500% overnight, to current levels of $ 1.06, according to CoinGecko. Its price began to rise after the altcoin developer Breadwallet, which also develops the eponymous cryptocurrency wallet, … Read more

Gas prices have risen again. Due to lower supplies through the pipeline leading through Belarus

The flow through the Jamal gas pipeline at the measuring station in the German village of Mallnow near the Polish border was around 6.47 million kilowatt hours (kWh) per hour in the morning, which is about half less than Wednesday’s average. On Wednesday, the hourly flow at the same place reached up to 15.2 million … Read more

Not only have the prices of new apartments risen: check how much housing has become more expensive in your neighborhood

During October. In Vilnius, the average apartment price increased by 1.2 percent. (20 euros / sq. M), in Kaunas – 0.9 percent. (11 euros / sq. M), in Klaipeda – 2.7 percent. (31 euros / sq. M), according to the company’s press release.In Vilnius, in the central part of the city, in the Old Town, … Read more

The identity of the culprit who made the general Jeon Ji-hyun disabled and Ju Ji-hoon coma… The mystery of Mt. Jiris has risen

photo = bingsong screen photo = bingsong screen Jeon Ji-hyeon, who is in a wheelchair due to an accident in the past, and Joo Ji-hoon, who are physically in a coma but remain in a mountain with a soul, continue the mystery chase of ‘Mt. Jirisan’. In tvN’s 15th anniversary special project ‘Mt. Jirisan’, which … Read more

The number of victims of the high-rise in Nigeria has risen to 22

The unfinished 21-storey building in the luxury residential and business district of Ikoyi collapsed on Monday. Rescuers on Wednesday said they had found the bodies of 22 dead to date and rescued nine people. But there are fears that there may still be dozens of builders under the ruins. “We found the bodies of two … Read more

Excessive mortality has risen sharply again in Lithuania: there have been no such figures for at least 20 years

“Excess mortality in Lithuania has risen sharply again. In the animated illustration you can see the weekly deaths of the last 21 years in Lithuania from any cause. As the dates of different years overlap, it is possible to visually compare the “green” data and make sure that the current fourth wave of the pandemic … Read more