Did you notice this detail in the cuts of Metal Gear Rising? How Platinum Made Every Cut Object Unique

The good thing about great games is that they never go out of style, but for several weeks it seems that the interest in Metal Gear Rising is growing more and more. It seems the perfect excuse to talk about one of the great achievements of Platinum with this game: making us believe that we … Read more

Oil is rising sharply following the G7’s discussion of new sanctions against Russia

W.T.I. clothing during today’s session, she erased losses and jumped to 109 USD for barrel after the leaders G7 announced continued support Of Ukraine. During the meeting, the mechanism of the price cap on Russian oil, which should reduce the Kremlin ‘s ability to finance the war. OPEC + reduced its estimate to a surplus … Read more

Profession, age, income: unequal French people face rising prices

It’s one more headache for the executive who is putting the finishing touches to his “purchasing power package” : inflation is here to stay and the shock will be stronger than expected. It should reach 5.9% in June and then approach 7% in September before stabilizing, predicts INSEE in a note published on Friday. But … Read more

Expert: Rising Construction Prices and Rising Energy Prices Motivate Citizens to Build Smaller Private Homes – Market News

foto;https://sputniknewslv.com/ Due to high construction costs, rising inflation, rising energy prices and the uncertain economic situation to fit into their home construction and maintenance budgets, many are currently reviewing plans to build new homes, reducing the area of ​​private homes. According to Luminor Bank, residents are reducing their home area by an average of about … Read more

Rising risk of bankruptcies in Veneto due to the distortions of the superbonus

ANSA Companies exposed for large sums that fail to sell their credits, chronic delays in public administration payments: a deadly mix Nicholas Shine June 26, 2022 VENICE. The risk that the number of business failures will start to increase again at a worrying extent from next autumn is quite probable. To say it is the … Read more

White House convenes refineries amid rising oil prices

The Democrat government Joe Bidenwhich accuses US refiners of making high profits at the expense of drivers who pay dearly for gasoline, convened industry leaders on Thursday (23) to discuss ways to reduce the high price of fuel. The increase in tariffs at gas stations, a symbol of the general rise in prices in the … Read more

Tensions are rising between Russia and “disobedient” Kazakhstan

Russia canceled the transport of oil from Kazakhstan to Europe via Novorossiysk on Monday, with 50 pieces of various explosives from the Second World War being discovered in the port. The port was therefore closed, the AKIpress server said. This led to the suspension of oil supplies from Kazakhstan. Demining can last until the end … Read more

V Rising has sold more than two million times digitally

19/6/22 15:25 | Peter † PC | 0 comments Swedish developer Stunlock Studios has announced that their new creation, V Rising, is a huge success. The well-known vampire survival game has now sold more than two million times, while the game has not been in Early Access for very long. During this bloodthirsty experience you … Read more

Corona infections are rising: that’s why Geert Molenberghs still goes shopping with a mouth mask

Geert Molenberghs: “It is important that people know that it is not over yet.” — ©  Guy Puttemans Hasselt – Cyclists who have to dismount in the Tour of Switzerland and contamination figures that have been increasing in our country for a week. Do we still have to worry about a new corona wave? Joos … Read more

U.S. mortgage rates are rising at the fastest pace in 35 years

Posted: 2022-06-17 11:38 Photo by Justin Sullivan (Getty Images / AFP / Scanpix) U.S. mortgage interest rates have been rising at the fastest pace since 1987, with inflation easing in the world’s largest economy and the Fed accelerating interest rate hikes. According to weekly updates from the US mortgage agency Freddie Mac, the average fixed … Read more