Bosnia, the snowy Drina river looks like a landfill: the complaint of the activists

“Whether you want to accept it or not, the Visegrad Basin has become the de facto regional landfill.” With these words, the environmental activist Dejan Furlan comments on the terrible images that portray a mirror of waste held back by a barrier in the Visegrad basin, on the Drina river. The rains that have hit … Read more

They found another body in the Medellín river, at the height of the Guayaquil Bridge

A new discovery was registered in the waters of the Medellín river on the morning of this Friday, after a man out sighted in the tributary by people passing through the sector. It is the third find in these waters this week. The case was registered at the height of the Guayaquil Bridge, in the … Read more

THE BALL – River Plate will attack Nico Otamendi: the position of the player and the eagles (Benfica)

River Plate has already assumed the desire to sign Otamendi, a 34-year-old central defender who ends his contract with Benfica next summer. Yesterday, the president of River Plate underlined the will. “I hope that in the future it can happen. As a Board, we will do everything possible so that a player like Nicolás can … Read more

They close Guasave funeral home that caused a river of blood in the drains: VIDEO

A funeral home that operated in the municipality of Guasave for lack of adequate collection of Bioinfectious Hazardous Waste, profiles of embalmers and legal documentation, this after the virus went viral on social networks. video about a river with blood generated by the discharge to the drainage of the bloody remains of the bodies. The … Read more

What impact will the greater release of water from Itaipu have on the Paraná River?

Monday 16.1.2023 – Last update – 21:05 Last Saturday after a year and a half the floodgates of the Itaipu hydroelectric dam were opened, since in only three days the flow of the reservoir had increased by about 20 meters. “The objective is to control the level of the reservoir and maintain the safety of … Read more

India sent a cruise ship on the longest river cruise, it will last 51 days

The ship, named MV Ganga Vilas, was also escorted on Friday by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 32 tourists from Switzerland are on board during the first voyage, and it can accommodate a total of 36 guests. The 62-meter-long vessel offers comfortable cabins, massage salon services or first-class gastronomy. But only vegetarian meals and no … Read more

Erick Requests Complete Investigation of BUMN Test Recruitment Jockeys

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Minister BUMN Erick Thohir asked his staff to follow up the news river in the recruitment test with BUMN batch 2 which is currently viral on social media. Special Staff to the Minister of BUMN Arya Mahendra Sinulingga said the Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI) and the BUMN HR deputy would resolve … Read more

River vs. Millionaires, for an international friendly: result, summary, goals and more

Demichelis’s team beat their Colombian counterpart 2-0 in a preparation match in Florida with goals from Emanuel Mammana and Miguel Borja. River won 2-0 over Millionaires of Colombia in an international friendly played in the DRV PNK Stadium from Miami, Florida, United States. Emanuel Mammana and Miguel Borja scored the goals of the Millionaire, who … Read more

Weather caster Kang Ah-rang, married a lover of the same age… Song of the river sky

Weather forecaster Kang Ah-rang is getting married to a lover of the same age today. Kang Arang InstagramWeather caster Kang Ah-rang is getting married. According to Janggun Entertainment, Kang A-rang’s wedding ceremony with a non-celebrity lover today (15th) at the Shilla Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul. Janggun Entertainment described the prospective groom as “a veterinarian who … Read more