‘Star Couple’ Jennifer Lopez and A Road break up… Official Announcement of Cancellation of Engagement

Pop stars and MLB legends gathered a lot of attention, but they broke up after 4 years of dating. Rodriguez procrastinated marriage and broke up with the rumors of an affair… “It’s better with friends” ‘Star couple’ Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez break up [AFP=연합뉴스] (Los Angeles = Yonhap News) Correspondent Jung Yoon-seop = US … Read more

Friendly game indicators hit the road, and work with industry players to create a safe and friendly consumer environment | 4Gamers

Friendly game indicators are on the road to build a bridge between industry players and players, so that parents can rest assured, players can rest assured, and they can add points to their own games. In recent years, the online game market in Taiwan has been booming. The game group spans all age groups and … Read more

Incredible failure on the Flèche Brabançonne: a runner finds herself in the Brussels ring road (video)

It is an image that one would never have imagined. On Wednesday, the women’s race of the Flèche Brabançonne was marked by a very rare and, to say the least, surprising incident. Indeed, the Lithuanian runner Olivija Baleisyte got lost on the way before finishing her race in the Brussels ring road. In fact, she … Read more

The first wave of “Total Corpse Control” x “Yin Corpse Road” is fully exposed-Technology-Technology

“Total Corpse Control” and “The Path of the Dead” are linked with the global endorsement of the actor “Norman Lidos” The zombie theme doomsday strategy mobile game “Total Zombie Control” recently announced that from April 1st to the end of October, it will start a joint collaboration with the world-renowned zombie TV series “The Road … Read more

PKS Explains the Reason for Rejecting the Name of the Prince of Abu Dhabi as the Name of the Toll Road

loading… JAKARTA – The government has changed the name the Jakarta-Cikampek elevated toll road or Japek II Elevated became the overpass of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed through the Minister of Public Works and Housing Decree No. 417 / KPTS / M / 2021 dated April 8, 2021. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed is one of the … Read more

Who is Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed who is the Name of the Toll Road in RI?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Street Jakarta-Cikampek (Japek) II Elevated Toll Road has now changed its name to “Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Flyway”. This name change was officially carried out on Monday (12/4/2021). This makes people wonder about who exactly is this figure of Mohamed Bin Zayed (MBZ). What is the relationship with Indonesia. Sheikh Mohamed … Read more

Said Didu: Becakayu Toll Road and Kertajati Airport Assessed Economically Unfit

Tribunnews.com Journalist Report, Reynas Abdila TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Former Secretary of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Muhammad Said Didu openly says Tol Bekasi-Cawang-Kampung Melayu (Becakayu) has no economic value. According to him, the infrastructure was not feasible so it was decided not to be built in his day. “We previously decided that it did not need … Read more

Why in Indonesia is Driving on the Left Side of the Road?

Why in Indonesia is Driving on the Left Side of the Road? Shintaloka Pradita Sicca Kompas.com – 08/04/2021, 17:21 WIB The majority of countries in the world drive on the left side of the road because of the former British colony, so why is Indonesia the same, even though it was colonized by the Dutch … Read more

Why in Indonesia is Driving on the Left Side of the Road? All pages

KOMPAS.com – Approximately 35 percent of the world’s population vehicles travel on the left side and most of the countries that do so are former colonies English, as quoted from World Standards. One of the countries that uses the rules to drive the left side of the road is Indonesia, whereas Indonesia was colonized for … Read more