Over the past few days, 12 people have been injured in road traffic accidents in the Riga region, one person has died

Since Friday, 154 road traffic accidents have been registered in the Riga region, in which 12 people were injured and one person died. Seven pedestrians are among the victims, according to information from the State Police. On Saturday at 8:16 p.m. in Suntaži, Ogre region, on the Inciems-Sigulda-Ķegums highway (P8) near the boarding elementary school, … Read more

Brigitte Lin attends the new book launch and shares the road of writing with Bai Xianyong | Brigitte Lin | Bai Xianyong_Sina Entertainment_Sina.com

Lin Qingxia attended the new book launch Lin Qingxia, Bai Xianyong Sina Entertainment News Actress Lin Qingxia today (4th) attended the release and dialogue of her new book “Short Works of Qingxia” and shared her writing journey with well-known writer Bai Xianyong. In addition to writing and communicating, Bai Xianyong also mentioned that Lin Qingxia … Read more

Automotive Draws a Road Map for ‘Zero Special Consumption Tax’

The automotive industry has recently base arrangementexpressed that the effect of the SCT He shared the details of the path to the discount. Ali Haydar Bozkurt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the organization, which changed its name to Automotive Distributors and Mobility Association (ODMD), said, “The effect of the tax base arrangement made … Read more

Expectations of a violent fall for gold towards the 1,500…the road is fraught with “interest” risks By Investing.com

© Reuters. Investing.com – Although gold has seen significant gains recently, the precious metal is still facing a risky year ahead, as US monetary policy is expected to remain very tight, and this is the consensus of most experts who see the metal’s path Yellow in the new year will be downward. Strategists at the … Read more

Work began on the new Valle del Cauca road network

The president of the National Infrastructure Agency, ANI, William Camargo, informed that the works of the new Valle Road Network began in advance: accesses to Cali-Palmira. The preliminary activities correspond to the property census, neighborhood records and topographical survey; inputs required to be able to continue with the excavation activities, as well as the sewer … Read more

15 ambulances were dispatched to transport the victims of the “Suez-Cairo” road accident.

Two people were killed, and 13 others were injured, in a collision of a transport vehicle with a microbus, Thursday morning, on the “Suez-Cairo” road. Major General Abd al-Rahman Haridi, Director of Suez Security, received a signal from the Police Rescue, that a car No. Immediately, Dr. Mohamed Tantawy, director of the ambulance facility in … Read more

Tragedy in Varėna district: a minibus ran over a man lying on the road

Today at 7:43 p.m. A Mercedes Benz minibus ran over a man lying on the road in the Varėna district, in the village of Naujjės Valkininkai, reports the General Helpline. Alytus county fire rescue forces were sent to the scene, information about the incident was transferred to Kaunas county emergency medical station, Alytus county chief … Read more

“A local resident threw nails on the road, it could have turned into a tragedy!”

For more than a year, gatherings of dozens of racing cars and nocturnal urban rodeos have been taking place in the Charleroi Airport 1 zone. The residents a few hundred meters away can’t take it anymore. Racing cars, loud music, drifts, tire rubber is burned on the bitumen of this unoccupied zone at night. The … Read more

Road transport of goods: the ministry will update the reference costs

This study will take into account the current context, characterized by several changes in supply chains national and international following the Covid-19 health crisis, but also the increase in tensions between different countries, inducing a spike in fuel prices internationally and nationally and uncertainty of their evolutionindicate the documents of this market consulted by our … Read more