Via Carpatia entered on the list of the main communication routes of the European Union!

The Ministry of Infrastructure informed about the entry of the Via Carpatia route into the TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network) core network of the European Union. In practice, this means a guarantee of co-financing of the entire expressway from Lithuania to Greece (including the S19 expressway) from EU funds. The Trans-European Transport Network is an instrument … Read more

Volaris El Salvador announces three new routes to the United States

Volaris El Salvador will offer three new destinations to the United States in 2023: Houston, Oakland and Miami (via San Pedro Sula), according to a statement released by the company. These flights will be available from next March. With this opening, the airline will double the number of destinations it offers on US soil from … Read more

The first study on monkeypox in women partially shows other routes of transmission

Among women who have contracted monkeypox, it is more common that they were infected in other ways than via sex than it is among men. This is shown by the first study on monkeypox among women, presented by researchers in Gothenburg, among others. Monkeypox mainly affects men who have sex with men. But around five … Read more

Prefecture announces the routes of the ‘catamaran’ responsible for maritime transport in Florianópolis

The sightseeing tours catamaran em Florianopolis start in December, according to Mayor Topázio Neto (PSD). Initially, a vessel with capacity for 250 people will be used and then another with 400, which will make routes that include the North and South bays of the Capital. Catamaran will have capacity for up to 400 people – … Read more

With three new routes to Lyon, Wizz Air is strengthening its position on the European low-cost market

The Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air is expanding from two to five destinations departing from Lyon. It has so far operated two lines to Bucharest and Cluj (Romania), to which are therefore added Krakow (Poland), Tirana (Albania) and Rome-Fiumicino (Italy), which opened in September. Of these five direct lines, four are without competition from Lyon … Read more

day, schedules, routes and how to see it

Day of the Dead parade expects attendance of more than 400,000 people 1:14 (CNN Spanish) — The incarnation of death will travel through one of the most emblematic avenues of Mexico City in the Day of the Dead parade, which emerged and became famous after the premiere of “Spectre”, the James Bond movie. This is … Read more

Already in the know yet? The furthest bus routes in Indonesia are held by these two POs

(Instagram/pt.antarlintasumatera) Illustration of ALS bus. PT Antar Lintas Sumatra – Buses are still one of the mainstay of transportation for the Indonesian people, the Otobus Company (PO) not only serves the Inter-City Within Province (AKDP) or Inter-City Inter-Provincial (AKAP) routes, even to various islands in Indonesia. But do you know the furthest bus route … Read more

Emirates and African countries see each other in a new diplomatic row and air routes are canceled

In a new chapter of diplomatic issues involving the UAE airline, Emirates Airlines, and African countries, flights to and from Dubai could once again be affected. The latest dispute concerns an apparent visa ban imposed on Nigerians by the UAE’s immigration authorities. as the website informs All AfricaLast week, Dubai reportedly banned visas for visitors … Read more