A Row of Astronomical Phenomena That Will Happen in 2022

loading… Astronomical phenomena that will occur in 2022. PHOTO/ IST JAKARTA – The National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) stated that several events would occur f astronomical phenomena interesting this year. Some of them are a rare phenomenon. Last June, a rare phenomenon of parallel planets occurred. Starting on June 4, 2022, there will … Read more

Tesla’s autopilot hit a child 3 times in a row in a dummies test. Scientists sound the alarm

A group of scientists from the project The Dawn Project tested the Tesla Model 3 autopilot to detect stationary dummies on the road. The autopilot hit a child-sized dummy three times at an average speed of 40 km/h. The car did not slow down in front of obstacles. The experiment was carried out under controlled … Read more

A beach chair for Arabs? We are full. For the white French, he is also in the first row

The organization SOS-Racisme carried out an experiment in luxury resorts on the Côte d’Azur. She recorded on hidden cameras how employees of private beaches treat different-looking guests differently. The newspaper drew attention to the case The Guardian. First, the organization sent a couple of “North African appearance” to the site. When he asked the attendant … Read more

Images show how Sean Dhondt gets chattered by girlfriend: «Normally we never respond to this, but…»

Video footage shows that Sean Dhondt and his girlfriend Maithé Rivera had a heated argument on vacation. Meanwhile, Sean has responded to the incident. “It was a banal discussion, especially because of a few too many ‘paradise cocktails’”, it sounds. Door Editorial Online &nbsp- 9/08/2022 om 09:38 Sean Dhondt (38) and Maithé Rivera (23) enjoyed … Read more

A row of evidence of Putin’s defeat is just a matter of time

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine is starting to reach the finish line. Various evidences show that the war that has been going on since February 2022 was won by Ukraine. A British security expert, Professor Anthony Glees revealed, Russian troops are considered to have faced many problems during the war in … Read more

a new screenwriter who has worked on the new Saints Row is incorporated

Sarah Arellano has announced on her Twitter that she is joining the project becoming the script leader Many years have passed since Beyond Good and Evil 2 was first announced in 2008. Until then its development has been a roller coasterbut at least this last symptom confirms that the project is alive. Sarah Arellano has … Read more

Brazil’s central bank raised its key interest rate for the 12th time in a row | Business

The bank’s monetary policy committee raised the Selic base rate by half a percentage point to 13.75 percent, taking into account market expectations. And while many analysts had predicted a pause in rate hikes in Brazil, the bank said “higher” inflation meant more such moves could be on the way. At its next meeting, scheduled … Read more

Four out of ten houses are in a row | NOW

Last year, 42 percent of the nearly eight million houses in our country were terraced houses. This is shown on Wednesday from figures from Statistics Netherlands about the housing stock. It is also noticeable that the number of so-called multi-family homes, for example a flat or apartment complex, is increasing rapidly. What the residential area … Read more

[Cek Fakta] Is it true that six Canadian doctors died suddenly in a row in two weeks over the 4th Covid-19 vaccine? This is the Fact

A narrative circulates that as many as six doctors in Canada died suddenly in the last two weeks. This narrative is circulating on social media. Among them is the Twitter account @DrJamesOlsson who also uploaded the narration, July 30, 2022. The following is the full narration that has been translated: “6 Canadian Doctors Died “Suddenly” … Read more