Moderna shares the good results of its RSV vaccine

The respiratory syncytial virus causes bronchiolitis but also a flu syndrome in the elderly that can be fatal. Many seniors are hospitalized every year because of this infection. Moderna shares the latest results regarding the effectiveness of its RSV vaccine. Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, is responsible for bronchiolitis in infantsbut also a lower respiratory … Read more

An experimental vaccine for the contagious RSV, very effective in preventing the disease

The American company announced that, based on these results, it will apply in the coming months to the US regulatory authorities to approve the anti-RSV vaccine, so that it could become available by early next year. The United States and several countries in Europe, including Romania, are currently facing a triple epidemic of respiratory diseases … Read more

Slight drop in flu and RSV infections last week

Influenza, RSV and corona all have similar symptoms. Although the viruses are still circulating and there are certainly still epidemics, the number of GP consultations for flu-like complaints fell during the first week of January. This is evident from a report by Sciensano. That would have to do with the Christmas holidays. For example, there … Read more

COVID-19 and RSV: A simple nasal swab to spot stealthy viruses

Politicians and Public Health Agencies refer to certain, limited sources to detect early warning signs of an emerging disease. By monitoring animals capable of transmitting the infection to humans. But it remains complex to determine which of the hundreds or thousands of new viral variants represents a real danger. Many respiratory epidemics thus remain unexplained … Read more

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV): symptoms, incubation, treatment, vaccine

RSV is a very common viral infection in young children. It can be benign (common cold) or give rise to more or less serious complications (bronchiolitis, pneumonia). This virus is very contagious and requires some precautions to prevent its spread. Find out what are its symptoms, the incubation period and the existing treatments. Respiratory syncytial … Read more

Colds, flu, Covid-19 and RSV cause similar symptoms

Without testing, it’s hard to tell the difference between colds, flu, Covid-19 and RSV, as these infections cause similar symptoms, warns the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All these infections are spread by droplets. Infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, seasonal flu, as well as RSV virus and colds occurs through direct or … Read more

Emergency services are overflowing! Frightening statement from a member of the scientific board: Do not send your children to school

With the introduction of the coronavirus into our lives,pandemicWe met the word ‘. Corona virus, which has been going on for about three years“Oh it’s over, it’s going to end” Then, according to the statements of experts, now the triple pandemic has surrounded us. Experts point out that there is a triple epidemic that is … Read more

‘At least two more months…’ Combined disease has become a nightmare for families, both RSV and Influenza! High fever, endless cough…

Targeted at school-age children illness caused a high density in both outpatient clinics and emergency services. Expressing that upper respiratory tract infections have increased in recent weeks, Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu stated that there is also an intensity in the emergency services, that the infections especially among children are on the rise, and that this … Read more

Track incoming cases of US influenza, Covid-19, and RSV

CNN– A severe respiratory virus season has also been witnessed in the United States flu and respiratory syncytial virus Came in early and was hit hard this year, straining the country’s health care system and sending hospitalization rates to levels not seen in years – even as COVID-19 continues Scattered all over the country. As … Read more