Why MBS Crown Prince Revokes Obligatory Hijab Rules?, Now Saudi Arabian Women Show Off Short Hair

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Crown Prince Arab Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) waives the obligation to wear the hijab for Muslim women women. Mandatory rules hijab it was revoked Prince Mohammed recently. This is one of the many changes Prince MBS has made. Known as a conservative country, now there is a new trend among women Arab Saudi. … Read more

Mavericks Jalen Brunson’s Dilemma from the NBA’s Restricted Free Agency Rules – NBA – Basketball

On draft day, the New York Knicks sent Kemba Walker away, clearing $16 million in cap space, just one or two contracts away from their rumored four-year, $100 million deal for Jalen Brunson. The alarm bell of digging the wall officially sounded, and the direction of the Lone Ranger in the opening of the free … Read more

The three reasons why the WHO rules out declaring monkeypox an international emergency for now | Society

The committee of experts gathered last Thursday by the World Health Organization (WHO) to assess the increase in cases of monkeypox recorded in recent weeks, which has affected some 4,500 people in more than 50 countries, has decided that The outbreak does not constitute a “public health emergency of international importance” for now. This is … Read more

Rules for making ‘Sleeping Police’ so they don’t go viral on social media

Jakarta – Viral on social media is a video showing approximately 20 rows of ‘sleeping police’ installed close together in the Bayu Asih area, Mauk, Tangerang. Because its presence disturbed local residents, the ‘sleeping police’ was dismantled again on Friday (24/06/2022). Apart from disturbing local residents and passing motorists, what made a scene was the … Read more

Kill malpractice but revive kick and rush: Wenger seduces FIFA with new rules

New rules, imagined by Arsène Wenger, seduce Fifa which could put them in place in the coming years. We dissect them with our referee Laurent Colemonts and Belgians who have already taken the test. In 2020, Arsène Wenger, head of global development at Fifa, launched several ideas to give pep to the game. Above all, … Read more

US Supreme Court rules in self-defense that Americans may carry guns in public

WASHINGTON – The United States (US) Supreme Court ruled Thursday (23/6/2022) that Americans have a basic right to carry firearms publicly in a landmark decision that comes just weeks after the school mass shooting. Ruling 6-3 overturned a New York law that required a person to prove that they had legal self-defense need to receive … Read more

no new rules, let’s safeguard the foosball table

Monopoli: “Table football is a traditional game to be safeguarded” – After having regretted “the false news that appeared in the press”, the Agency explained that it had promoted a rule, under discussion in Parliament, which would eliminate the self-declaration obligations now envisaged for exhibitors. “The whole sector and all the players are reassured – … Read more

Civil Servants Must Know! 3 Facts About the Rules of Skipping 10 Days Can Get Fired

Jakarta – The government will tighten supervision over the working hours of civil servants (PNS). Including in the context of work absences, those who miss work can be subject to dismissal. This was done in line with the steps taken by the Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Tjahjo Kumolo who has … Read more

Alcohol and sex prohibited: World Cup 2022, the rules promise to be very strict

Fans who travel to the World Cup this winter will have to comply with a series of restrictive rules. The journey of the Belgian supporters who will go to the World Cup in Qatar will not be like a cakewalk. Indeed, they will have to submit to a series of very strict rules in force … Read more

Why in America Can’t Eat Spinach? This is the Reasons and Rules Page all

WASHINGTON DC, KOMPAS.com – Reason why in America you can’t eat spinach is because these vegetables are categorized as noxious weeds. Kangkung (English: water spinach) is indeed very easy to grow and must be controlled for its spread. The reason why in America you can’t eat spinach started in the state of Florida in 1973. … Read more