Kalousek drove himself into the government: Even the communists did not dare to run such budget deficits

“The government is not able to manage state finances in a sustainable way. Neither war nor energy prices can be excused. Of the 1,165 billion, almost 900 billion goes to the credit of not war, not covid, but only irresponsible populism,” wrote Kalousek. 1/1 2022 – deficit 330 billion2023 – 295 mld2024 – 280 mld2025 … Read more

With this method, your nose will not even run! Winter is coming! Those who don’t want to be sick come here! – Gallery

WHY DO WE GET SICK IN COLD WEATHER? It is not the cold that is why we get sick more often in the winter. Cold only sensitizes the respiratory tract, accelerating the emergence of viral or bacterial infections. For this reason, all kinds of diseases related to the respiratory system are more common in the … Read more

Tempers in Iran run high after police again shoot 20-year-old woman amid protest wave | Abroad

In Iran, the death of a young woman – already the second in just a few weeks – has caused outrage. Hadis Najafi, 20, was shot dead by Iranian police during one of the many protests over the 22-year-old’s death. Mahsa Amini. She was abused for allegedly not wearing her hijab correctly. Images of Najafi, … Read more

‘Aloha Boxing Gym’ run by Lee Sang-geun, SBS Ugly Duckling shooting

In the SBS entertainment program ‘My Little Old Boy’ broadcast on the 25th, Heo Kyung-hwan, Im Won-hee, and Din-Din showed a confrontation with Kim Jong-guk as they strengthened their camaraderie in the Marine Corps, but the scene of the three people being unable to beat Kim Jong-kook gave viewers a big laugh. did. The episode … Read more

Scenario Failed to Run for President, Ganjar Volunteers Will ‘Turn’ to Prabowo

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Volunteer Leader Pranowo reward Mania (GP Mania) Immanuel Ebenezer admits that he will support the Minister of Defense as well as the chairman of the Gerindra Party Prabowo Subianto if later Ganjar Pranowo does not get a ticket to advance from a political party as a presidential candidate (Capres) in the … Read more

VIDEO. Protests against mobilization in Dagestan: a policeman is forced to run away from angry women

Screenshot from the video 18:30 on 25 September 2022 On Sunday, protests against mobilization took place in the Republic of Dagestan, which is part of Russia. The video taken by an eyewitness shows that the policeman was even forced to run away from the enraged women. Residents of a village organized a mass protest against … Read more

Veronika Žilková’s latest affair. How does that woman always run into a married guy? Who are they talking about?

25.09.2022 Photo: Courtesy of KVIFF (as are other images in the article unless otherwise noted) Description: Veronika Žilková at the Karlovy Vary IFF this year In the spring, Veronika Žilková looked like torture. But she recovered quickly. She is not one of those women who would worry about men for a long time. Although she … Read more

It will run from 2024: The TGV of the future has a flattened nose and it will run slower

– The TGV of the future has a flattened nose and it will run slower The SNCF and Alstom presented the high-speed train for the years 2024 to 2070. Surprising detail: you can transform a wagon from 1e and wagon the 2e class overnight. Published: 24.09.2022, 09:31Updated: 24.09.2022, 09:34 This new TGM M is the … Read more

Force the checkpoint in the flooded area, run over the volunteer and escape

SENIGALLIA – Does not allow the driver to pass into the flooded area where the flood debris is being removed. Force the block, run over and run away. Fear in the center for a volunteer of the Civil Protection of the VAB Toscana. His condition is not serious and he was taken to the hospital … Read more

Meghan and Harry are finally with their children: A quick run home

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan already flew back home to California on Tuesday, he confirmed Page Six. The couple spent more time in Great Britain than they had originally planned, and thus were without their children, who remained in Montecito, for more than two weeks. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left Great Britain a … Read more